how to fix a beeping sound?

By prettymars ·
help plz
im having a problem when i start up my laptop. it has a beeping sound. sometimes it goes short then pause then long one. if i press esc or f1 it stop and load. after 5 min things go abnormal..whenever i click a folder to open the next folder get high lighted without clicking it and it will open. sometimes when i click an icon instead of opening its content it will directly open its properties..if i go to shut down options there is blinking into the option preventing me to click the option i want. but sometimes especially if i click esc it gets back to normal. what could be the problem? please share me something to solve the problem.

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Request for Clarification

by Kwonron In reply to Clarifications

do you encounter overheating in your laptop? ..so it has motherboard issue..

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Look in the BIOS for a Problem there

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to how to fix a beeping soun ...

It's either a alarm or a Error Message from the BIOS and that is where you need to start.


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Depending on the manufacturer of the system and bios maker

by markp24 In reply to how to fix a beeping soun ...

As oh smeg said it could be an alarm... but usually that beep code is indicatedin an issue with a component
From the second part you describe, it sounds like the ALT key (or possibly another key ) may be stuck on your keyboard. try cleaning the keyboard, even lifting the alt keys up to clean under them, because pressing ALT and clicking an icon will give you properties)
mark down how many short and long beeps and any pauses between them.
and check the manufactures site for information on that beep code.

here is a general beep code chart to reference if you cant find one from the manufacturer

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Reponse To Answer

by prettymars In reply to Depending on the manufact ...

thank you very much. i did not use it for about a week and i tried to do what you said i am glad the beeping is gone when i start up the laptop. however, i still do not why after 5 or 10 minutes of using it when i click a certain folder the content cannot be viewed instead it will open its properties. when i do the right click it is only i can view the file content. why is that?

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by prettymars In reply to how to fix a beeping soun ...

there is no overheating i use it only a few hours.

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A CPU can overheat

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to how to fix a beeping soun ...

In a few seconds if that long if the Heatsink has come off and as long as a few seconds if the Fan that cools the Heatsink has stopped working.

If you can get it to run a few hours without this sound then I would defiantly be looking at a Overheat Alarm in the BIOS being the issue.


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