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    How to fix black screen after windows logo?


    by jarsh019 ·

    My monitor goes black after the windows screen on startup. I tried booting from Safe Mode, but in the boot options there are only “Start Windows Normally” and “Launch Startup repair” and the repair will not help. Is there some way to fix this problem?

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      by jarsh019 ·

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      What system have you?

      by peconet tietokoneet ·

      In reply to How to fix black screen after windows logo?

      Do you have a laptop or a desktop?
      Depending on how much memory you have on either system it may take sometime to reach the desktop. Do you know how much memory you have?
      More memory the better if you can depending on your system boards limitations.
      Post back with more info.

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        Reponse To Answer

        by jarsh019 ·

        In reply to What system have you?

        I have a desktop, I have 4GB of memory (if you are talking about RAM).

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      MUCH more information needed

      by jbetz ·

      In reply to How to fix black screen after windows logo?

      There are only a couple hundred things that could cause this. So how about some information?

      What (exact) Operating System are you running? Examples of the right answer could include “XP Pro”, “XP home”, “Vista Home Premium”, “Vista Business”, “Win 7 pro 64-bit” “Win 7 home premium 32-bit”, etc.

      How big is your hard drive, and how full is it? Half the time I’ve run into stuff like this, somebody with a 160-gig hard drive has 159.7 gigs of it full of adorable videos of their kids and pictures from their vacation in Europe, and of course their 60 gigs of pirated music, and there isn’t even room anymore to write temp files to disk.

      Even if it isn’t full, the swap file might be corrupted, or you might have a file that’s necessary to boot the machine that’s damaged.

      How are you attempting to boot into safe mode? F8 key? Or are you bringing up a boot menu that your BIOS offers with some other key?

      If it were me, and I’d tried the proper way to boot into safe mode without success, the next step would be to yank the hard drive, slave it to another machine or use a SATA-to-USB converter to hook it to another machine, and find out how crapped up the drive is. Is it too full? If there’s less than a MINIMUM of 10% free, then yes, it’s too full. Move some of your stuff to another drive.

      Can you defrag it, or does it tell you it has to do error-checking? If it says it has to error-check and then won’t error-check it, then the “dirty bit” might be set, and I’m NOT getting into that here.

      If you’re not comfortable yanking out your hard drive, or you don’t have another machine, you can still boot a live linux disk just to see if your machine will boot, and depending on the distro, you might be able to access your files that way, to at least back them up before anything else gets destroyed.

      Mind you, that’s just a few of the problems that could cause this. Give more info, and you might get an answer.

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        Reponse To Answer

        by jarsh019 ·

        In reply to MUCH more information needed

        Hi sorry for that, but I found out the problem, and for some reason the graphics card driver is doing this to me, I re installed Win7 64 bit, yesterday, and once I installed the drivers once again and restarted, it did this problem. I have a 750 GB HDD and with this problem I can’t even go to the desktop, just a black screen and it will sit at the screen forever without doing anything, on startup I’ve tried both ways, F8 and from the BIOS screen, and I do not have a safe mode option, but before installing these new drivers, I do have safe mode as an option, it’s quite weird to me.

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      check this

      by adi91rp ·

      In reply to How to fix black screen after windows logo?

      when the screen gets black then off the screen for few seconds (20 sec) and turn on the screen if u get a display then ur lcd is having the problem.(use the screen button for on off.)

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      Video Drivers

      by johnymc ·

      In reply to How to fix black screen after windows logo?

      Are you using the latest video drivers? Do you have an actual video card, or is it integrated? It sounds like the driver may be the issue here. I would start with that before swapping around any hardware.

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        Reponse To Answer

        by jarsh019 ·

        In reply to Video Drivers

        That is my issue as I specified to just one more person up above, after installing my drivers, this problem happens and I do not know how to fix it.

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      What Type

      by johnymc ·

      In reply to How to fix black screen after windows logo?

      of card do you have? ATI or NVIDIA? Also it would help to know the model number of the card itself (ATI Radeon 4xxx or NVIDIA Geforce 9xxx). You should still be able to enter safe mode with networking and get the latest version online. Just keep pressing F8 at the POST splash screen, and it should give you that option.

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        Reponse To Answer

        by jarsh019 ·

        In reply to What Type

        I have a nVidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti, after I install these exact drivers, once I restart I do not have an option for Safe Mode, but when I don’t have these drivers installed I do have a Safe mode option.

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      its a corruption of windows !!!

      by techraviteja ·

      In reply to How to fix black screen after windows logo?

      in order to solve this ( windows xp ) insert your windows xp CD then boot it up with it
      let it load all the drivers and it will search for windows partition then it will ask you to press R to repair
      choose it and it goes with all windows installation process and here we go

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      Apparently TR just deletes responses it doesn’t like

      by jbetz ·

      In reply to How to fix black screen after windows logo?

      I bothered to type in a fairly comprehensive response that might have helped you considerably, but somebody at TR just decided that it wasn’t worth putting through.

      Let’s try a condensed version, without any helpful links to web pages that would actually help you. You can figure out how to search using [not going to name search engines, lest I offend TR’s censor-bot.]

      You installed win7-64 yesterday. That means you have your install media. That means you can boot up with your install media, choose “startup repair”, and try to do a system restore to a time before you installed your graphics drivers.

      If that’s a non-starter for some reason, you can download and boot an ubuntu live (linux) CD image, burn it, and boot with that. At least that’ll prove that your hardware works properly, and that this IS a driver problem. You can do a lot from within Ubuntu IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, but even if you don’t, you can at least see if you get good video using somebody else’s OS. Ubuntu won’t screw up your Windows install, it doesn’t write to the disk at all unless you tell it to.

      Good luck. Let’s see if THIS one gets through.

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