How to fix Can't Delete Folder, "Destination Path Too Long" Error?

By claytonclayton ·
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I've seen other similar posts, but none of them provides an actual solution that has worked for this ridiculous problem I'm having. I'm simply trying to delete a folder from my backup drive in Windows 7, but Windows shows the error, "Destination Path Too Long: The file name(s) would be too long for the destination folder. You can shorten the file name and try again, or try a location that has a shorter path."

Then, after I "Skip" this item, I get another similar error, but this time it says, "Source Path Too Long: The source file name(s) are larger than is supported by the file system. Try moving to a location which has a shorter path name, or try renaming to shorter name(s) before attempting this operation. "

So, I deleted all sub folders and files in an attempt to work around this problem. There is one folder, that is actually completely empty, that refuses to be deleted. I moved this folder to the root of my drive, I even tried renaming it, but it never gets deleted.

Seriously, I just want to delete this folder. I've tried third-party utilities, checked the disk for errors, tried deleting the folder from the command line, and nothing has been able to delete this folder. It seems like a cutting-edge operating system should be able to handle a simple delete operation without so much trouble.

Appreciate your feedback!
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in response

by armando17 In reply to How to fix Can't Delete F ...

Hm, I wouldn't expect to see many copies of folders with the same name... I think I'd do a CHKDSK next and see whether there's any file system corruption there. Furthermore, for such problems like can't open or rename file (name is too long prompt), I use Long Path Tool and it works.

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in my opinion

by newminionphowz In reply to How to fix Can't Delete F ...

Could be that the robocopy script causes the recursion in the target directory tree because of junction points in the source. I'm pretty sure the windows \User directory tree has junctions that could create this situation. You may wish to try adding the "/XJ" option to the robocopy command so that it doesn't follow junctions.

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Thats frustrating

by lecore99 In reply to How to fix Can't Delete F ...

I too had these kind of issue and I was totally fed up, it was like some virus or trojan in my computer which I can't even delete.
After searching a lot on the internet I found a fix to this. Currently I am using GS Richcopy 360. This software will surely help you to transfer, delete or do anything with your files. I has helped me a lot. You can try this, helped me a lot though!

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There's a couple of solutions...

by PESKStudiosINC In reply to How to fix Can't Delete F ...

...that you can implement without third party tools.
a. Open File Explorer and navigate far into the folder structure.
b. Copy the location by holding SHIFT while right-clicking into a white space.
c. Select "Copy as path"
d. Open cmd.exe as administrator.
e. Type the following commands, hitting Enter after each;
cd " {Right-click your mouse} " :The path should appear here.
subst j: . :Note the fullstop after the colon and space.
f. Open J: drive in File Explorer and navigate to the file that needs deletion and
delete as normal.
g. Using this methods also allows you to delete entire folders.

a. Perform the steps listed above. Stop at e.
e. Type the following commands, hitting Enter after each;
cd " {Right-click your mouse} " :The path should appear here.
dir /X :You should see the short file names.
Delete the files using these names.

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"Destination Path Too Long" Error?

by getum In reply to There's a couple of solut ...

For "Destination Path Too Long" Error , I recommend a LongPathTool.

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