How to Fix "DFS Replication Error Event I 6402"

By narupon ·
I got an error Overlap replicated folder when I create DFS Replication on Windows 2003 R2 Active Directory.(Detail following below) How I can Fix It.

Thank You.

ERRORS (There is 1 error to report)

Overlapping replicated folders (HOME and \\.\D:\HOME) were detected.
Affected replicated folders: HOME
Description: The DFS Replication service cannot replicate the replicated folder HOME at local path \HOME because it overlaps with a folder \\.\D:\HOME that is replicated using File Replication service (FRS). This configuration is unsupported. Event I 6402
Last occurred: Monday, June 25, 2007 at 7:32:12 AM (GMT7:00)

Suggested action: Fix this problem by not overlapping this replicated folder with an FRS replica set. That is, do not replicate the same local path using DFS Replication and FRS.

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Same Error

by techjobs76 In reply to How to Fix "DFS Replicati ...

I have same error and have been searching all day for an answer. Looking at my event logs I have a prior root name that is still some how existent in my AD but have not been able to remove it. This error is due to a duplication in folder replication but in my case I have done everything to find how I can remove this additional root name but can find it. if you find an answer let me know it...

DFS has little help

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Problem fixed

by techstuff In reply to How to Fix "DFS Replicati ...


I had the same problem. First I disabled de service "File Replication Service" since it wasn't a DC. Then I reboorted the system. That didn't solve anything. After that I removed all the connections of the receiving members. Still I got the message on the connection sending member.

Than I took a closer look in AD Users end Computers. When I turned on the "Advanced Features" AND "Users, Groups and Computers as containers" and browsed to the memberservers on whitch the problems occurred and expanded them I did see the NtFRS related maps under the concerning servers. I deleted those maps. After that I rebiulded the connections with the receiving partners and restarted the DFS Replication service. The replication functions again without any error messages. I had also deleted al replicated maps on the receiving members, but that probably isn't necessary.

I think You can try (unless Your replication host / partner is a DC) just to remove the maps as I mentioned earlier in AD Users and Computers. Perhaps You have to remove the connections with the DFS management MMC as well, but that isn't necessary probably neither.

Hopefully this works for You as well.

Good luck!


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Problem fixed

by narupon In reply to Problem fixed
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