How to fix Duplex errors in MS word 03 when printer a two page document?

By Tech_Asher ·
I few of my user have 2 page word documents that need to be printed on letter head, but then they send the job to a Ricoh C410DN it prints the document upside down. I was wondering if anyone hass come accross with error before and if there is anyway to fix it?

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This sounds as if they

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to fix Duplex errors ...

Are formatting the actual Document to a Duplex and then sending the job to the Printer set to Duplex.

Get them to dump the Office Duplex Format and just rely on the printer to do the duplexing.


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Ok im lost

by Tech_Asher In reply to This sounds as if they

Ok im not sure where to find those option in office, i looked around word and didn't find anything...

Here is something else thats funny, if we send just 1 page to the Ricoh, it printers it the right way. It only seems to be when we send 2 page documents that it flips it.

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There should be

by IC-IT In reply to Ok im lost

a printer preference setting for the duplexor to print head to head or foot to head.

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Nope there is

by Tech_Asher In reply to There should be

no setting like that in the printer drivers. I'm running out of ideas again.

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Which drivers are you using?

by IC-IT In reply to Nope there is

PCL? - What are the options under printer properties - Setup Tab - Duplex drop down Arrow?

PS - Properties - Layout - "Print on Both Sides (Duplex)" Button options - None, Flip on long side, Flip on short side.

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Ive tried both

by Tech_Asher In reply to Which drivers are you usi ...

PLC - Open to Left
- Open to Top
- Booklet

PS - long edge
- short edge

Ive tried all of them and they all print the wrong way.

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Bypass Tray

by Tech_Asher In reply to How to fix Duplex errors ...

We have tested everything, and the only thing that seems to work is running it thro the Bypass tray.

Don't know why but the paper is in the same way as the tray and it prints the right way.


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