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    How To Fix “entry Not Found In Index” Error In Lotus Notes


    by jamesmehraa ·

    Hi, from the title you’d know I am facing some few problems with my lotus notes. Recently when I try to open them or move them this error pops up. I don’t know what triggered it. I googled a fix but found only paid tools. Do I really need a third party tool to fix my files, and if I do them what is the best option I have?

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      entry not found in index

      by asamits765 ·

      In reply to How To Fix “entry Not Found In Index” Error In Lotus Notes

      Hi James, I can understand your problem as I have also gone through the same. It is one of the frequent error in Lotus Notes. It occurs due to some issues in Lookup formula or due to corruption in Lotus Notes NSF files.
      You can resolve the issue manually but it is a very complicated process. I also thought of doing it manually first. But, later, I thought it is wise to use a professional software as I was not that much technically sound. So, I am suggesting the same. If you are technically sound enough, resolve it through manual process else use the software. It is very easy to fix the issue using the software. For doing it manually, you can have a look at this blog:

      Fix the Lotus Notes error: Entry not found in index

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