how to fix file types?

By tardbag135 ·
i bought Nero 9 because my Nero 6 said it was expired and couldn't be used anymore. so after install it somehow changed all of my file types to associate with Nero programs. and i dont want to go back in and change the endless file types that were affected. it took away all media formats (video, audio, photo, icons, etc.) to associate with Nero, instead of the Windows default. As knowledgeable as I am in computers i dont have all of the different file types memorized. i know what they open with but i dont know their command line. is there any possible way i can revert these file types? if i have to uninstall/reinstall nero thats fine with me.


Windows XP SP2

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From what I remember from an older Nero installation

by OnTheRopes In reply to how to fix file types?

it seems to me that you can choose custom installation and choose what file types to associate with Nero. If that's the case, uninstalling and reinstalling using the custom installation option would be the way to go. It's been years, maybe I don't know what I'm talking about but I do remember being able to choose file associations during installation.

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not for nero 9

by tardbag135 In reply to From what I remember from ...

i did custom install. followed everything. but 9 doesnt offer any file type options. i do know for a fact that you are right, but for nero 8. 8 has selections of file types at the very end. but they have since angered their customers by dropping that feature.

thanks for the helpful attempt.

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Nero ****

by Jacky Howe In reply to not for nero 9

How to change or select which program starts when you double-click a file in Windows XP

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yes i agree

by tardbag135 In reply to Nero Hell

i agree, nero was great at version 6, but has since gone in the shitter with each and every update.

yes, i know how to change the file types manually, but there are SO MANY, its practically impossible, having this happen on 5 different systems (all XP).

ill just have to change them as i need them.


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This link may help

by Jacky Howe In reply to yes i agree
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Possible fix

by erichems In reply to how to fix file types?

I haven't tried this (or needed to), but this sounds as if it might work for you....

please let us know if it does and best wishes on the repair.

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In reality there are very few you will ever use ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to how to fix file types?

So worrying about ALL the filetypes that Nero has taken hostage is really just needless concern on your part.

Best to just right click each filetype once, when you've attempted to double click it and Nero fires up. Once you've rescued it back - job done.

But a load of these filetypes you won't even have any of.

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