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    how to fix my internet connection & the others


    by bbasten45 ·

    I was in another post a few wks ago so here I am now with other questions. My problem is with the high speed connections. I’m still in this out of the way motel with a very unstable wireless connection.I still can’t get my magic jack to work it has been about 4 wks now. To “explain” The motel is in the country with no other homes or business near by There are 5 of us with computers & the manager & I are the two that are on the net the most.He knows nothing about the wireless setup I know a little.Sometimes the connection is very good I ended up buying a new computer E-Machine 2.2 w/1gig ram & sp2. I can get to all the web sites with no probs.

    My question is what do I have to do to get my mj the power to load on my computer so I can us it. How to secure the router, set it up for the others to us it as well as me.

    I have been chatting with MJ tech for about 30 hrs & still nothing.

    When I plug my jack in it says usb not recognized & will not load at all.

    The other question is, there is a router in the office about 60 ft away Can I buy another router to use for myself in my room to get full connection? we all have free cable “the motel supplies it” can I get a router & connect it to the cable & work off the other router?

    Please give me some info to correct this problem so I can use my mj phone

    If you need more info feel free to ask.

    Thanks Alot

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      by bbasten45 ·

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      Stuck in the middle of nowhere, are you?

      by seanferd ·

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      Magic Jack: Does the computer recognize other USB devices plugged in to that port? If not, the port could be disabled by an administrator, if the system is set up that way, or USB could be disabled in Device Manager, or the drivers could be corrupted. Otherwise, the port or the Magic Jack could be bad.

      Router: You could potentially get internet over the cable, provided that cable internet is available in your room. You would need to check with the motel management to see if this is so, and that it is OK for you to connect. You may also need configuration info on the office router and the ISP for you to connect.

      How are you currently getting access? Wireless internet through the office router?

      Securing the router:
      You will want to change the default password with a strong password. Turn on the best encryption available (WPA2). Change the default broadcast SSID.

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