how to fix my lg dvd burner ?

By drew84 ·
im back again lol my lg dvd burner has been working perfectly like for the last 5 months and now all of a sudden windows wont reconize it ? ive done reseach on the net y this has happened and still cant fix it with solutions.... i can open the draw and has power but windows 7 wont reconize it , ive been told that lg drives like to be first when it comes to having another one , but i only have one burner atm and its not working can any one can help ?

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Turn off system. Disconnect drive.

by seanferd In reply to how to fix my lg dvd burn ...

Reconnect drive.

still cant fix it with solutions

We don't know what these were, so perhaps you could let us know up front, that we may avoid repeating solutions that have not helped.

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Reponse To Answer

by drew84 In reply to Turn off system. Disconne ...

i just went on forums but nothing worked and i tried you advice and dosnt work still the bios reconizers the dvd drive tho ?

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Do a system restore to roughly five months and one day ago

by robo_dev In reply to how to fix my lg dvd burn ...

Thus if it's a Windows problem, this will fix it.

In order to test the drive, power off the computer and put in a bootable CD or DVD such as a Windows install disk, or a Linux Live distribution. If your PC can boot from the drive, then it's working.

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Reponse To Answer

by drew84 In reply to Do a system restore to ro ...

tried booting it allthough the bios reconizers the dvd drive and you select it to boot of cd/dvd and just does nothing , its not that old bout 6 months old .... and it only stoped working after i tyook the other dvd drive out in wich didnt work but it was really old and now it hasnt worked since i took the other one out ?

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Try tuning up the system

by databaseben In reply to how to fix my lg dvd burn ...

sometimes, the dvd software becomes corrupted or incompatible as a result of time and or microsoft updates to the o.s.

my suggestion is to remove all software for the dvd, like nero and others. after going through the uninstall scenario, open the explorer and delete any folders for the dvd, like the nero folder and or others.

then uninstall the dvd drivers.

then power down the system and disconnect the dvd from the power supply and motherboard.

then power up the machine and after windows and the hard drive settles down, run a check disk, defrag, delete the all files in the temporary folder, and then a registry cleaner like "wise registry cleaner" from cnet.com

then reboot windows and allow it and the hd to settle down again.

now that the file system has been tuned up, the next step is to re-connect the dvd.

so power down the machine, reconnect the dvd wiring and restart windows.

then see if windows goes through the "found new hard ware" process.

if windows doesnt see the new hardware, then the dvd could be faulty.

to check it out, find or borrow or make a bootable dvd and see if the machine will boot up with it at start up time, ie before windows initializes.

if the machine doesn't boot up, then the dvd player is faulty.

at this point, if it is faulty, then maybe the dvd laser head is dirty (which can be cleaned) or the mechanism has turned to dust.

if however, the machine does boot up with the dvd player, then go to the dvd players website and see it they have any patches or fixes available.

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"does nothing"

by seanferd In reply to how to fix my lg dvd burn ...

"and it only stoped working after i tyook the other dvd drive out"

Were they both on the same cable? Was the current drive the Slave? If so:
Set the jumpers on the drive to Master*, and reconnect the data cable using the other connector.

*You will very likely need to remove the drive to do this. If there are no markings indicating which jumpers are master/slave/cs, refer to the vendor documentation for your exact model and revision drive.

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Drive not working

by kevin.busby In reply to how to fix my lg dvd burn ...

I recently had a similar problem. Installed a new Sata hard drive as my boot drive (windows system files), and then configured an ide hard drive as a master with an LG dvd drive jumpered as a slave. On boot up the drives were picked up by windows in the bios, but once the desktop was up, no sign of the dvd drive. I then installed the ide hard drive as the boot drive after duplicating the image of the sata hard drive, and then deleted the operating sytem from the sata and installed the sata as the storage drive. Voila ! all drives seen in the bios and all drives available after bootup. Problem solved !

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thank you

by drew84 In reply to how to fix my lg dvd burn ...

thanks to all of the advice above but still dosnt work and its a sata dvd drive shows up as DVD rw drive that's it , when i put a disk in it says insert disk so maybe im just up for a new DVD burner

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