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How to fix no display on Acer Aspire One ZG5 Notebook?

By cambroneroronie ·
Hi, I have Acer Aspire One ZG5 Notebook, which I was first working to fix its first issue which is its Touchpad is not working, when I press right click or enter or move my mouse using it, it does not work anymore.

So I decided to try reformatting, but it becomes even worst because while I reformatting it from windows xp to windows 7 ultimate, after finishing installation, then asks for restart, after restarting, it does not show any display anymore, but the power button is still on and the hard drive is working since I heard it spinning and the notebook is still producing its normal heat.

I already tried some tricks like pressing the power button within 30-60seconds without the battery or ac adapter plugged, then powering it on with the ac adapter and or with the battery, it did not worked.

I also put some external display/monitor and press FN+F4 for possibility but still did not worked.

What I still cant do is reinstall its memory, because I can not open it because im affraid to broke some parts of it.

Anybody can tell me some possible options I can try to resolve my problem? Kindly help me from this post, you can also contact me at +63**96029417 (Philippines)

I am about 1 year as a computer technician here in Metro Manila, Philippines.
Thank You!!!

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you may have to get a new notebook

by databaseben In reply to How to fix no display on ...

if the notebook came with xp, then it is likely not able to run win7, unless acer has specific win7 drivers for your notebook model (which i doubt)

in any case, you should be able to execute a factory restore because the operating system setup files are likely stored on the notebooks hard drive inside a hidden partition.

the instructions on how to execute a factory restore can be found on the acer website under the section designated by your notebooks model number.

in regards to touch pad issues and monitor issues, it is unclear if the issues are a result of corrupted drivers, ie software, or faulty hardware (requiring repairs).

however, you can bypass the keyboard, the touch pad by connecting a regular kb and mouse to the usb ports.

further, you can bypass the faulty lcd panel via an external monitor. but if neither the lcd panel or the external monitor provides you access to the bios or read out of its hardware initializing and tests after pressing the start button, then there something is faulty with the circuitry inside the unit.

unfortunately, because the unit is xp, then its likely cheaper to buy a new notebook than to repair what you have now. but you should call acer to see what the cost will be.

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but you should call acer to see what the cost will be...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to How to fix no display on ...

No don't do that! Forever, will the brand that is Acer, be shattered in your mind.

Acer makes decent equipment that generally gives you reasonable service for the money invested. However, anything requiring the attention of their customer service dept. will make one appreciate the customer service of your nightmare from hells CS dept.
If you get unlucky enough to purchase something from Acer that requires their attention and you value your time in the least, might as well throw the unit in the garbage.

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Found these for you...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to How to fix no display on ...

Google Acer Apire One ZG5 Troubleshooting. At the top of the list just under the google advertised sites, you will find this guide. It contains a complete pictorial procedure for memory replacement and or motherboard replacement.

I had previously submitted information regarding the choice of installing Windows 7 over XP on one of these devices. Looks as though it must have vaporized into the ether or something. Perhaps because it contained links to the aforementioned site? At any rate, a quick rehash here is in a word of strong caution against installing Windows 7 on one of these.
The only netbooks supplied with Windows 7 utilize a version called Windows 7 Starter Edition. Even the Starter Edition leaves much to be desired in terms of performance on the Arm processor. Certainly, Win7 Ultimate is not a wise choice for this device.
If you can ever get to the point where you at least see a BIOS screen appear when booting, I would strongly suggest reinstalling XP back on to the unit. The necessary drivers (and you will need them) are usually available on Acers site.

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Some more details.

by gdburton In reply to How to fix no display on ...

The ZG5 is Atom based rather than ARM. They are sold with Win7 starter, but functionally there is nothing to stop Ultimate working too, although you may find you want to disable some extra services to save processor effort.
But you are not giving us much info to work on. You say the screen is blank, but is this true from power-up or does it go blank during windows start-up? If there is no Acer Logo BIOS screen (Press <F2> to go to setup) on either the LCD or an external screen then you have a hardware problem. If it goes blank during Windows start-up then it is more likely a Win7 driver problem which should be easy enough to overcome using safe mode. If you see BIOS POST screens, but are still unsure if there is a hardware problem then generate a Ubuntu Live CD memory stick and boot from that. Ubuntu works really well on my ZG5.
Good Luck!

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No display on Acer Aspire

by distinctivemachine In reply to How to fix no display on ...

I have an Aspire 9410 - which I think is older, but I had a similar issue. When I got this thing it had no hdd and I had to fix a broken power supply connector on the system board. Once the power supply issue was handled I booted it using a live Ubuntu11.10 session and it ran great.
Then I got a hard drive and started setting up a dual-boot system with Win7 but the win7 install wouldn't work because of this display issue. It would start to run, but then the display would go black - just like you describe.
I was able to download all the drivers I needed from the Acer website, as well as a bios update. I tried applying the bios update through my Ubuntu install, but that never worked.
I spent a lot of time searching for an answer. In desperation I even contacted Acer customer support, but was told my system was old and thus not supported (they subsequently removed all the drivers and support info from their website...)
So - cut to the chase...
Here's what ultimately worked.
I was able to install a basic WinXP operating system (you may have to use the 2nd vga monitor port - I would have just settled for a system running XP but I could never get the video drivers to work...) and then APPLIED THE BIOS UPDATE.
After updating the bios, Win7 installed properly, the video drivers worked (I think almost all the Vista drivers worked in Win7...), and all the black-screen issues were gone.
I now have a great-running system set up to dual-boot Win7 and Ubuntu12.04. I still have some available space on my hdd and want to create a couple more partitions to install Sabayon and CrunchBang.
Frankly, it seems to be good hardware, but I'd never buy an Acer unless it were VERY steeply discounted... :)
Don't know if this is actually your issue, but as gdburton says above, you can probably find out if the system is otherwise ok by booting it with a live Ubuntu CD.
Hope it helps.

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I fixed it !

by cambroneroronie In reply to How to fix no display on ...

Sorry guys, just got back here for my original post. Thanks a lot for all the answers. I really appreciated it. Anyway, I did opened it and take off and put back the CMOS, and re-installed its RAM ,I was then able to see the display and I get started on working for its original issues. Those also fixed by checking the keyboard and touch-pad cable, I found some loose connection so I fixed it easily. I did not cope up on getting your answers before I fixed it, however, I got more ideas from your answers and I used some of them on more of my clients notebook issues. Thanks a lot!

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Fixed it as well!!!

by yairsaumeth In reply to How to fix no display on ...

Thank you
cambroneroronie , your solution worked for me as well. I took the CMOS battery out and cleaned the RAM pins and voila, ready to go.

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