How to fix Nv4disp error = screen flicker and loosing signal?

By firefox5000 ·
Hi all.

For the past few days i have been geting screen flicker and signal lost while being surved the blue screen error "Nv4disp".

I have follwowing specs;
3.6 Ghz P4
Geforce 8800 GT
Windows xp sp3 and win 7 (separate drives)
Power supply: Corsair 550W (Bought it 1.5 years ago)
Idle temperature GPU : 66 Celcius (Is this high?)

I googled to fix the nv4disp error and removed my old drivers(safe boot in windows etc), installed new ones. I am using version 190.38 on Win XP sp3 due to RivaTuner to auto enable higher fan speed (like many of u?) when windows starts.

It worked good now for 2 days but i usually play games on my pc and 15 min ago the screen flicker returned again playing this time Halo for PC. i get the flicker also on my other harddrive where win 7 is installed (here I installed version 256.something to get the latest ones).

Now should i uninstall Windows ? Maybee the corrupted old driver hasnt been completly deleted? I have had my 8800 GT now for 3 years with no problems.
What do u think?

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Since you've already updated the drivers,

then I would almost lay odds your nVidia video card is dying...start looking
for a replacement. Since both the old and the new drivers are giving similar
errors, especially under heavy load, it sure sounds like the video card is going.

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Also check the nVidia

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to fix Nv4disp error ...

Web Site for this Chip Set as a Possible Recall for Faulty production of the Chips.

nVidia had a major issue where there was a lot of discussion if it was a Manufacturing Fault or a Design Fault with their Chips and that's currently Ongoing.

I do however agree that the Video Card is on it's way out and will need replacing.


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Reponse To Answer

by firefox5000 In reply to Also check the nVidia

The same day that i suffered the blue screen/flicker it disappeared when i enabled safe boot in windows. I was in that mode for more than 2 hours and everything worked great, no flicker, and 10 min before i entered the safe boot i had flicker.

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there are some tests you can run.

by databaseben In reply to How to fix Nv4disp error ...

it sounds like its a software related issue and not hardware because you re-installed the driver and your graphics was fine for a couple of days.

if it were hardware related, then the issue would be constant. but it would hurt for you to double check the cables and maybe re-seat and dust off the graphics board. however, as a test you can also try to run the game without the video board. the game might run very slow. but if the screen doesn't flicker then this is a clue that the video board is faulty or overheating. as another , if overheating is an issue, open up the chassis of the pc and point a fan at the motherboard and see if the cool air helps.

in any case, what i would remove the old driver again, then tune up the system, ie check disk, defrag, registry clean.

afterwards re-install the driver again.

then as a test execute a clean boot and try running your game in a clean environment, ie no anti virus, no anti spyware, etc... (but you may want to leave the nvidia startups alone) and see if this helps.

if the above does help, then you may want to increase your on-board ram memory.

also, there is a freeware called jetboost, that may help optimize your memory for game mode.

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Reponse To Answer

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to there are some tests you ...

It would probably be better to use the Video Test Suite on the Ultimate Boot CD to test the Hardware.

That will start the system from a Boot Disc and not involve Windows at all so if it works properly under those conditions it's Software and maybe a reload of the entire system is in order.

Though of course you would need to use one of the intensive tests as anything less may not put enough stress on the Video Card to show a Hardware problem.;5

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