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    How to Fix PHP Error Confirm Form Resubmission?


    by samcalum ·


    I am using PHP to make a form that collects email and first name but when I try to refresh the page after the process is done, it shows this error. Confirm Form Resubmission and with an error code ERR_CACHE_MISS. I have checked my code and found nothing wrong with it. Except this everything works fine.

    Please help me, stuck with this for days.

    Best Answer I got is from Mohan (Which worked pretty well for me)

    [Quoting his Answer]

    As I mentioned above there are 4 ways to fix this. Most widely accepted solution is to use Post/Redirect/Get in PHP. By using this method, you can receive the data using GET or POST and send the user to another page(most used is a Success Message Page) by REDIRECT.

    This helps by preventing the user to fill the details again. But if this doesn’t work(most probably should) then try other methods by visiting this link:

    Hope this helps. Good luck Fixing the error.
    ~ Mohanvenkat

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