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How to fix "A network cable is unplugger" issue

By dmdr ·
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Q: Inalambrico n7868r router, a Network cable unplugged issue
Hi techrepublic team, hi everyone,

I've a pretty annoying issue with my Inalambrico Xavi n7868r Router,

Even it was installed on my pc, and i'm able to connect to device (via, i still could not use it to connect to Internet,

The issue is this:
when i try to plug ADSL / Phone line into my router, it disconnects LAN and WLAN in stead.

Error message: "A network cable is unplugged."

System specs: Win XP SP3,
i try it in a home pc and 2 laptops but always the same problem;

How i proceed and what i get :

1 - Inalambrico router wireless Config :

2 - I connect router to AC power and pc but NOT to ADSL phone line :

3 - Then when I connect ADSL phone line to router :

4 - Then ...

5 - I take ADSL phone line back off the router :

6 - Then ...

7 - Then ... :

8 - I try another router, TP-Link WiFi router in stead, and it's working great :

I used the same Rj45 cable, same pc, same ADSL/Phone line, .. I only replace router.
That's mean it has nothing to do with my pc, wires, .. etc, but it's my Inalambrico router that causes the "Network cable unplugged" issue.

Still now :
- i can connect to Inalambrico router LAN and WLAN but not to Internet,
- i cannot connect to LAN/WLAN router at the same time as Internet, i couldn't connect to Internet in anyway.

Before i post i google this but didn't found a definit solution, so if you can help i'm listening,
caus i tried everything i could but didn't fix it,


PS: Inalambrico = wireless in spanish

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It definitely sounds like

by .Martin. In reply to How to fix "A network cab ...

there is something wrong with the modem. as for fixing it, there is not a lot you can do.

I would honestly take it back to where ever you got the unit from, they will be either able to repair the faulty component, or just replace the unit.

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