How to Fix the Dell XPS ONE?

By pctech214 ·
I have a DELL XPS ONE computer and how do i stop it from restarting itself after the first 20 seconds of turning it on. The computer continues this over and over again nonstop

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Have you tried a Boot Disc?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to Fix the Dell XPS O ...

If not then as a Starting Point open the BIOS and check the Temp of the CPU that causes the system to restart. If it's not 85C or higher set it to that and then save the changes as you exit the BIOS.

How far if at all is the system getting into booting the OS?

Is it showing any OS activity at all or just the POST Screen and then rebooting?

You can get the Service Manual for this system here to help you as well.


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in addition to the above

by markp24 In reply to How to Fix the Dell XPS O ...

Open the chassis and ensure all the cards, ram, and other connectors are properly seated.
if the system keeps rebooting at the bios screen
you may actually want to remove all peripheals, (usb,etc),
have the motherboard setup with just ram, video and power and see if it boots and stays stable.

if it does we know its something else causing the issue.
if you see a windows logo and it reboots then you may have a driver , software, or hard disk issue

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You don't say....

by asotelo In reply to How to Fix the Dell XPS O ...

What kind of Operating system you have, but there is a setting that says:
"Disable automatic restart..." if you press F8 as if you were going into safe mode. After you do this, you will either get a Blue Screen explaining what the error is, or a black screen with a system error. A little background: M$oft in their infinite wisdom decided that if there is an error, maybe it will get cleared after reboot, so if the error does not clear, you are in an infinite loop. Good thing they decided to put a "forced" stop to it with the "option".

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