How to fix Windows with Knoppix

By mentor976 ·
I'm trying to install a fresh window xp2. I'm able to boot to Knoppix. Can someone help me to fix the partition so I can intall new windows.

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Run QTparted from Knoppix

by robo_dev In reply to How to fix Windows with K ...

I would just delete all partitions myself and start over.


You could also download a vendor specific low-level format utility like MaxBlast, if it's a maxtor drive. Or Seagate DiscWizard if it's seagate.


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I've done that

by mentor976 In reply to Run QTparted from Knoppix

I have deleted all the partition by going to fdisk /dev/sda.
But how do I fix the hard drive to install Windows XP

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in the installer

by m61 In reply to I've done that

it should detect the drive(s) and you can pick which one you want to install on, and the installer with give you choice for formatting options

edit: just noticed you have /dev/sda, which usually means it's a sata drive, so you might have to load a driver for you sata card [as soon as you get the windows xp installer, press f6 to load the device drivers]

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no floopy drive

by mentor976 In reply to in the installer

I don't have a floppy to load the driver? Is there a way to load a driver from Knoppix?

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not that i know of...

by m61 In reply to no floopy drive

but my friend was somehow able to load his sata drive from a usb key, so maybe look into doing something like that...

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Here's how:

by Absolutely In reply to not that i know of...

bootable USB drive:

Create a Windows XP install disc with Service Pack 2 included, if it isn't already there:

Add SATA drivers into 'slipstream' XP install disc:

Each article includes options, some of which you probably don't need; they also show different ways of doing some of the same things. Please read all three before proceeding.

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I Got PE-Bulider to work

by mentor976 In reply to Here's how:

I got everything working with Pe-Builder. How can I install a fresh XP2 now? What is the next step I should do?


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You got PE Builder to work -- have you burned the CD?

by Absolutely In reply to Here's how:

If so, put it in the drive & re-boot. Like m61 said, formatting is one of the first steps in that process.


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