How to flash HCL LEAPTOP 41 BIOS via external source

By gtmrockz ·
I was wrongly flashed HCL LEAPTOP BIOS with Lenovo BIOS Flash Utility. My laptop gone to dead condition. only power light visible with blank display. Is there any suggestions for make it live again?
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Nowadays probably NO THERE IS NO REAL FIX

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to flash HCL LEAPTOP ...

I the old days we could change the BIOS Chip but they plugged in and there were numerous places that sold BIOS Chips. Today however particularly in Notebooks the BIOS Chip is soldered to the Motherboard is a Surface Mount Integrated Circuit so normal Soldering Irons are way too big to attempt to unsolder it and to make matters worse it was placed and soldered by a Robot.

If you want to attempt a repair you'll have to buy a new Motherboard and swap it as that is the only way to change the BIOS Chip.

The maker may be able to reprogram the BIOS Chip while it is on the Motherboard but again it is a Surface Mount Integrated Circuit and you would need a specific M'Board Tester to do that. Needless to say not many places have Testing Equipment like that because it costs Thousands of $ US per model of M'Board.

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