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How to force a port open in windows xp.

By raharr ·
I am trying to set up a game server and need to make sure some ports are open for incoming and out going. I changed windows xp firewall to open these ports. But eveytime I check the port, it says stealth. I turn the firewall off and checked the ports and they still say stealth. Is there another way I can force the ports open that I want?


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by Toivo Talikka In reply to How to force a port open ...

Are you doing your gaming from inside the LAN or from the net?

If you are probing the port from the net, you need to look at the port settings in your internet router/firewall. On the other hand, some ISPs may block certain ports. Are your ports 'well-known ports' as per the IANA list at ?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to How to force a port open ...

maybe it is saying 'stealth' and it means NAT. like in your router. if you set up port forwarding in your router for the ports the game uses can you get one machine working that way?

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by raharr In reply to How to force a port open ...

The port are 1717(xmsg), 1716(fj-hdnet) and 20045(unassigned).

My dsl router is wide open. I am not block anything.

This is for the game called Americas Army if that help.


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by raharr In reply to How to force a port open ...

I am try to open ports up on my pc running windows xp. I have already opened the ports on my DSL router and forward the ports to my computer. How can I test to make sure the prots are up? I went into the windows firewall and assigned the ports to open, but that didn;t seem to work. SO I disabled the firewall and that didn't work. I am almost sure my problem is with my computer.

I want to open it up to internet. This is on my home network. I tried to access the game server on my lan and keyed in the ip address to the local computer and it could not attach. If I access the game using in the computer that is running the game, it connects fine. So I am think it is a local issue.

Got any suggestions?

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Test if your Port is opened or not

by pjwvieviwdhy@mailinator. In reply to

To test if any of your ports are opened, go to

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