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    How to format a CD-RW?


    by frogwillie2001 ·

    How do you format a CD-RW?
    I have some old stuff on them and want to clean them to be reuse.
    Running two systems Win. 98 and Win XP but can’t seem to fine any way to format these CD’s.
    Have other questions but will ask them later.
    Thanks for the help.

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      by frogwillie2001 ·

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      How to format CD-RW

      by akdaga ·

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      1 Insert a disc into your recorder drive.

      2 In My Computer, right-click your recorder drive.
      The ‘Use with DLA’ option in the popup menu should have a check mark beside it. If this option is not selected, click on the HELP button and follow the steps in “Using DLA With Your Recorder Drive” before proceeding.

      3 Click Format.
      DLA’s Format dialog box appears. The options available to you will depend on the type of recorder drive you have.

      4 Set the options in the Format dialog box.
      a ) Type a name for your disc in the Volume label text box.
      b ) Select either Quick or Full Format by clicking beside the option you prefer. DLA can perform either a Quick or Full format of your discs.
      c ) If you have an EasyWrite CD-RW drive, you will have the option to create an EasyWrite disc by placing a check mark beside Enable EasyWrite. (See Using DLA with EasyWrite Drives for more information.)

      5 Click Start.
      If you selected Quick Format or you selected Full Format and your drive supports background formatting, you will be able to use your disc within minutes. If not, you must wait until formatting is complete before you can write files to your disc.

      B.) Using DLA and XP
      Windows XP includes a program that provides some, but not all, of the recording and disc preparation features available in DLA. Only one program can be enabled at a time for each user. You must disable the software provided with Windows XP before DLA can be used. This is done for the current user when DLA is installed on the computer. Other users will be given the opportunity to enable DLA after they have logged on.

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