how to format drive C

By alde45 ·
Could you tell me how to format Drive C. I want to install windows 98. I already have windows ME but don't want it. Thank you.

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Startup Disk

by TheChas In reply to how to format drive C

You need to boot from a Windows 98 Startup floppy or the W98 installation CD.

If booting from the floppy, at the DOS prompt, type in format c:
Then, press enter.



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Format ME

by Hotdoge3 In reply to Startup Disk

Format ME to 98 may be not like to go to 98 if not work,try dban boot & nuke
http:/ & it free

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EBD creation + installation instructions. Best way to install Win98.

by 1bn0 In reply to how to format drive C

Because I said it is!

Make a "Windows Startup disk" with ME. Yes it will work to install Win98.

or create one right from the cdrom

"This article contains a copy of the information in the Fat32ebd.txt file included with Windows 98. This file is located in the Tools\Mtsutil\Fat32ebd folder on the Windows 98 CD-ROM."

Boot from the floppy. At a dos prompt A: type
format c: /s
the /s tell the format utility to copy the boot files to the hard drive after the format.

Windows 98 Full Clean Installation + Update instructions

Note: Assuming HDD already partitoned , formatted and will boot to DOS prompt)

Boot from EBD.
Select Start the computer with CDROM support.

After the computer starts.

dir c: to make sure your reading the c: drive.

md c:\windows
md c:\windows\options
md c:\windows\options\cabs
copy a:\himem.sys c:\windows

* following sequence is type in order. This will create a config.sys file on the harddrive to load himem.sys*

copy con c:\config.sys

You should seee the message 1 file(s) created.

Change to the cdrom drive, I will assume e: for this example,
and copy the cab files to the harddrive. The suggested directory is the same one usually used by OEM installs.
You don't need any of the subdirectories. The /v tells DOS to verify the file writes to the hard drive.

cd win98
copy *.* c:\windows\options\cabs /v

when all of the files are copied, remove the EBD boot floppy and the cdrom and reboot your machine.

Once the machine has rebooted to the c:> prompt.


The install will run. Follow the prompts.
You WILL need your Windows 98 CDROM KEY to complete the install.

After you are done you might want to download and install the
UNOFFICIAL Windows98 Second Edition Service Pack 2.1a (Freeware)
This update package includes most of the Microsoft updates, but not all of them.
After it is installed go to windows update (if its still up for 9 and run windows updates.

Also it does not include Direct X, Windows Media Player or Internet Explorer 6 updates.

You may want to download and install Direct X , Windows Media Player 9 and IE6 before doing the updates.

*********************************Update links*********************************
Update Windows 98 offline. Unofficial ServicePack2.
If you have access to another machine you should download these updates for Windows 98 and burn them to a cd so you can install them offline

IE6 for windows 98.
Required if you expect anything on the internet to display properly under IE.

DirectX 9.c redistributable(whole package.)**4185249413&displaylang=en

Windows Media Player

Windows 98 ServicePack 2.1a

You don't have to install DirectX or Media Player but a lot of things will expect them to be there.

Install the other components before
installing Service Pack 2.1a

The service pack contains update for the other components that will not be installed if the components are not installed.

I have been using the Unoffical WIn98 ServicePack for sometime and have never had issues with it.

For Windows 2000 and XP I would recommend AutoPatcher.

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Boot Disk

by Kenone In reply to how to format drive C

You can also get a boot disk of almost any flavor from Sometimes it's just easier.

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