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How to format HD with Wn XP Pro on it?

By Frogwillie2001 ·
I was told that my system should have a different Windows on it.
XP-Pro making it run to slow.
Want to load Win 98SE or Mil. in it.
So how can I format this HD?
Try everything I can think of.
When I get to end of formatting I get message.



This is the only PC in the house, not connected to any networking.
It's running Win-XP-Pro
I know there has to be a dos command that will let my get this out of my PC.
Hope someone can help?

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by dryflies In reply to How to format HD with Wn ...

Boot from the install CD for the operating system you are installing. However, what are your systems capabilities: RAM HDsize and CPU? It may be that you need to adjust some local settings to make your system operate faster.
Also look at your virtual memory settings and visual effects in the system tool in the control panel.

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by CG IT In reply to How to format HD with Wn ...

well for starters what you want to do is insert your W98 CD and boot from it. Windows will detect other versions [like XP Pro] and warn you about having multiple O/S running. You can just click the next button. Windows setup will ask you where you want to install it. you can create another partition from free space on the drive [provided that you have enough free space] and format it [W98 will only see FAT16/32] allow windows to create a partition from free space and install it there. OR you can use a 3rd party partitioning software like partition commander and create a partition from free space. If you don't have enough free space as in the entire drive is one big partition, you'll need to resize the existing partition to a smaller one to create free space [partition commander can do this. I'm assuming you have a large drive . In my experience having about 15GB for the O/S gives enough room for both the O/S and all hotfixes as well as enough space for virtual memory and swap file. Another partition of 20GB for applications and data storage. So you'll need another 15GB over and above the 35GB just mentioned to create another partiton in which to install the other O/S and all hotfixes, service packs, and have enough for virtual memory.

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by CG IT In reply to

Now as far as the networking HDD message, I gotta ask, where's the HDD? in the machine or is it a SAN/NAS ???

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by CG IT In reply to

what was I thinking when I posted my answer?

had to have been when I didn't have my coffee. only excuse for it.

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by In reply to How to format HD with Wn ...

Have you tried 1. fdisk 2. a low level format tool such as gdisk

Both of these should do the job and the fdisk can be found on any win9x bood device. Just follow the prompts to boot to the disk and then choose option (4)"None fat32 formt disk", delete the partition/s. Restart and boot to the boot disk and follow the prompts to format the disk/s

If that doesnt do the trick you will need to use a low level format utility.

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by wlbowers In reply to How to format HD with Wn ...

You will have to boot to a win98 floppy. Run fdisk. Enable large disk.

Remove/delete all dos and/or non dos partitions.

Now create a new dos partition.

Reboot to floppy and foprmat the partition.

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by wlbowers In reply to

Oh Yea. If you try to format the disk you are booted to the computer is smart enough not to let you kill it.

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by dmiles In reply to How to format HD with Wn ...

Since I assume you will be replacing the WinXP with another operating system, make sure you have a boot floppy disk for that system and use it to start the computer, if you are sure you need to completely flush your hard drive.

WinXP doesn't really have DOS prompts the way earlier Window did. They were basically a user interface that ran over DOS. In WinXP what you get is a DOS emulator window.

You might also try going to Windows Explorer and deleting as much as you can. This takes some time and is not the preferred method.

Either way, once you get the Windows directory and root directory deleted, you should be able to start installing a new OS.

Good luck!

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by schavez In reply to How to format HD with Wn ...

first, insert your windows xp cd and delete the partition.
second, you can boot with your windows 98 cd and create the partition and install.

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by willcomp In reply to How to format HD with Wn ...

If you have an 800 Mhz or better CPU and at least 256 MB of RAM, XP should perform reasonably well.

If your system is underpowered, then 98SE, Me, or 2000 Pro will provide better performance.

All you need is the Win 98 or Me CD. Boot from it and select Start with CD ROM Support (instead of Intall Windows). Run fdisk from > prompt and remove all partitions on hard disk. Restart PC and install Windows as per usual.


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