how to get 3 monitors on 2 video cards

By The Weekly Geek ·
I have a customer that wants to use 3 monitors. He is currently using a USB device and does not like it, he wants all 3 via video cards. Intel says it works. I have tried several cards on a new motherboard (Intel DG45ID) and Intel says it should work. I have tried both as Nvidia, both as ATI, 1 of each. one PCI-Express and one PCI or boht as PCI, only one card will work and be seen in device manager (based on the BIOS setting).
Vista Business Edition, 4 GB RAM 500 watt power supply Quad Core ...

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RE: "Intel says it works" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to how to get 3 monitors on ...

I'd talk to Intel.

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Speaking with Intel

by The Weekly Geek In reply to RE: "Intel says it works" ...

I / we (my staff too) have spoken with them and performed their checks. Combined we have spent almost 2 hours on the phone with Intel working on this. We called EVGA 10 days ago and then daily during business hours and they have not called back. We are a Nvidia partner, associate or what ever they call it but they have not replied to our electronic request for assistance (no phone number for them that gets me to a knowledgeable person).
That is why I am turning to the great people of Tech Republic.

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I would try...

by ---TK--- In reply to how to get 3 monitors on ...

Disabling the onboard video in the BIOS, install the PCI-Express card, boot to verify that it works and is installed (drivers) correctly. Then shutdown, install the PCI video card, boot, with the monitor still on the NVidia card, open device manager, right click, and scan for new hardware. It should pick up the new ATI card, and then install the drivers only...

Also what model NVIDIA card and what model of ATI do you have?

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Cards used

by The Weekly Geek In reply to I would try...

Nvidia have been 7200GS PCI and PCI-express, also 8400 in both and a 9000 series PCI-express. As for ATI, I am not at the office but there were 2 different models. I also tried some PCI cards that were older pulls (SiS, Nvidia and ?) they are the only old or used ones. The others are new.
We did you installation description multiple times, 2nd card is never detected by Windows.

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very odd...

by ---TK--- In reply to Cards used

I have done this set up multiple times, mixing ATI and Nvidia cards... and my current rig has two 9800GTX+'s.... Well, I can only come up with a couple things to try at this point. Try a different PC to test out the set up (mombo might be "bad"). Check to see if there are any BIOS updates. And it is possible that you do not have enough Power to run it... But usually in the event that the power supply can't provide enough power, it will not even start up... I guess "Usually" is the key word...

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by The Weekly Geek In reply to very odd...

I did put a 500 watt power supply and unplugged the DVD and extra hard drives leaving drive C: and the video cards only.
I went ahead and ordered a 650 watt anyway.
Ih ave tried to convince Intel to send another board but they are insisting it is fine so I cannot return it. We are an Intel partner and to my knowledge have not had that issue with them before (about returning suspect motherboards). We did pull the power and MBoard battery and that did not work.
And yes, we did upgrade to the latest BIOS too. Rats...

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Try switching slots

by dpalsen In reply to Cards used

You don't say anything about which PCI slots you're using. I don't know if it still makes a difference, but a few years back I had a machine with a card slot next to the AGP that was unusable because anything I put in that slot wanted to share resources with the AGP video card. Again, I don't know if that's still an issue with the modern motherboards, but it's a thought.

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PCI Slots

by The Weekly Geek In reply to Try switching slots

Unfortunantly, I thought of that too, no luck. Thanks though.

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