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How to get a headhunter's attention

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A peer, who has called, sent resumes, notes, and even letters with recommendations, wants to know how to successfully connect with a headhunter, as featured in the Oct. 2 CIO Focus e-newsletter. Join career professional Bob Weinstein in offering some solid advice.

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bob weinstein

by weinsteinrv In reply to How to get a headhunter's ...

You're approach is all wrong. Overly aggressive is not the attack plan for getting headhunters' attention. It's one thing being subtly persistent, it's another thing being a pest. You fall into the later categroy. There are two importants facts of life you must understand about headhunters: the first is they're swamped with resumes they hardly look at; and second, they'll only call you if they have a search calling for your skills. And phoning is the best way to turn off a headhunter. How do you play it? Keep in touch by periodically keeping them informed about your background: accomplishments, new jobs, etc. Rest assured, they'll put you in their database. Some good words from someone close to them doesn't hurt either. Then back off. If they're interested, they'll call you.

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by admin In reply to bob weinstein

Do all tech republic staff have aol addresses? I'm just curious.

Headhunting is a sport like all hunting. The stuff in your backyard is boring unless of course there is a good price on it's carcess.

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Let them find you

by Prefbid II In reply to How to get a headhunter's ...

I had a similar experience. If I sent my resume directly to a headhunting firm (especially the big guys), it was an automatic "thanks, but no thanks."

However, when I applied for the "big jobs" by responding to some on-line ads, I all of the sudden had 3 or 4 who were then willing to work with me on several jobs. I ended up getting a job that was never posted and was essentially created specifically for me at a terrific company that I had never heard of before and would have never responded to an ad if I had seen it.

My theory is that the headhunters want to "discover" you. So, just go for the jobs you like, if you are any good, the headhunters will find you.

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It's like any sales game, in some ways!

by gutchwh In reply to How to get a headhunter's ...

You need to find out what the headhunter wants from you. What positions is he / she trying to fill? How does he / she need to have your CV formatted / organized? What can you do to make his / her job easier? And, in parallel with that, find out how much money they will make if they place you so you know what value you represent to them.

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Opposite Problem

by RDSchaefer In reply to How to get a headhunter's ...

While I sympathize with your predicament, I have the opposite 'problem'. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get them to leave me alone for awhile without burning any bridges for future contact? I have a fantastic job right now am not interested in looking around.


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