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How to get a JavaScript menu to unfold above a flash animation

By webmonkeyBUILDER ·
Can anyone illuminate me as to how to get a JavaScript menu to unfold above/infront of a flash animation in a web page? I would greatly appreciate any assistance.


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by wouter In reply to How to get a JavaScript m ...

We had similar problems with divs above Flash. We came up with to solutions:
1) Hide all Flash for the time the div was visible
2) put an iFrame underneath the div

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Just a direction

by OctavioFromBrazil In reply to How to get a JavaScript m ...

Won't give you all the example code. Just the right direction to follow:
1- Generate all the involved HTML with javascript (document.write...).
2- Include in this HTML, inline sytle tags for the menu and the flash object. For the menu [style="z-index: 2"] and for the flash object [style="z-index: 1"]. You can change the numbers but the menu has to be higher than the flash.

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by acshelnutt In reply to Just a direction

I have been experiencing the same problem. Thanks for the solution!

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by srobnett In reply to Thanks

I'm not usually an advocate of DHTML layers because of the inconsistency in display across platforms and browsers. HOWEVAH, if you put your Flash component on one layer and your Javascript on a layer that is above it, I believe that should work.

Scot Robnett
inSite Internet Solutions

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by xilord In reply to How to get a JavaScript m ...

<param name="wmode" value="transparent">

See http://www.doubleclick.net

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