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how to get a true wifi speed at hotspot

By jeffreymoore357 ·
I have a wirless conection with a conection of 54mbs but when i download or just surf my speeds are below 56kbs most speeds run 12-14 kbs. how can I get better speeds from my hot spot?

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to how to get a true wifi sp ...

Switch to a wired network to get better speeds or stand next to the wireless station....

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by wmr02 In reply to how to get a true wifi sp ...

If this is a puvlic hot spot you are using you may be running up against other users when trying to access the web. While you may have 54 mb/s to the access point, you may be sharing a t1 or slower link with several users. To test this I recommend attempting to access a different access point.

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by jeffreymoore357 In reply to

I was the only one on the t100 line my freind tried his laptop and he got true 54mbs as this a hotel wifi and i am next door to the router conection is not the problem the transfer is its disapointing that i could download faster on dial up!!!

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by haileyan In reply to how to get a true wifi sp ...

Keep in mind that a T1 is only 1.5 Mbs. No where close to the speed of your wireless card. Another point is that your download speed is dependent on the web or ftp server you are downloading from. If that web site or ftp server is saturated speed can be drastically reduced.

Try going to the following web page next time you are at a hot spot. This will test your actuall speed.

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