How to get AD Group Policy to override locally mapped drives

By kirby_johnson ·
I have a couple desktops that belong in a W2K domain and currently have network drives locally mapped (i.e using the "Map Network drives" in windows explorer) with different letters. I want the implement group policy (with a logon script) so the drives are all mapped with same letter. I created the OUs and the GPO with the logon script, then assigned the GPO to the OU, then placed the user accounts in the OU. I then ran secedit and had the user to logon then log off. Their locally mapped drives are still there (with the wrong drive letters), but I know the GPO ran because the other things I put in there were implemented. Please HELLP!!!

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Adjust your script

by bart777 In reply to How to get AD Group Polic ...

Within the login script add a couple of lines with "Net Use /Delete" for each mapped drive that you think may be there.

The only other way is to visit each machine and manually disconnect the drive there.

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The command is

by Dumphrey In reply to Adjust your script

net use * /delete /y

put that at the top of the script and each time it refreshes the scripts it will re-map to a clean slate.

the /y forces a yes selection so no interaction is needed.

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Net use command

by kirby_johnson In reply to The command is

will the "net use" command work in a vb script????

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Probably not

by Dumphrey In reply to Net use command

but the whole script would be much smaller. Net use in a .bat will run with no problems in a GPO on XP 2000 and Vista.

net use * /delete /y
net use Z: \\Server\Share /persistent:yes
net use Y: \\Server\Share2 /persistent:yes

those three lines in a text file with a .bat extension and its all done.

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That's it!!!!

by kirby_johnson In reply to Probably not

Dumphey U Da MAN!!!!!!

That did it!!!
I created a simple batch file with the "net use * /delete /y" command and ran it in front of my regular login script in the GPO and that did it!!!!! I have been beat my head on this for 2 whole days. THANKS!!!!!

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The script I posted earlier

by Dumphrey In reply to That's it!!!!

is nearly a perfect copy of our mapping script. I found it worked better then VB script and the delete first prevented a clutter up, especially if you always map to the same drive.

BUT, that being said, if you have computers that NEED a specific map, and its only one or two, you will need to create a log on script for them that adds the last mapping. Well, I guess thats a Duh...
Forget i said that last part.

Anyway, glad to help =)

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