How to get an older PocketPC to sync in MS Vista

By Link999 ·

I have an older HP Jornada 560 PocketPC, which I was happily syncing with Outlook 2003 under Microsoft XP (using ActiveSync). A couple days ago I upgraded my system to Microsoft Vista. Now I find out that "Windows Mobile Device Center" (the new item Vista uses for syncing handhelds) doesn't work with my older PocketPC. I tried to install ActiveSync, but that didn't work. I can sync files on my PocketPC, but I have no way of syncing with Outlook.

Does anyone know how to get an older PocketPC to sync with Outlook under Vista?

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You might be able to use a web calendar

by Tig2 In reply to How to get an older Pocke ...

But I don't think that Vista is going to let the older device synch natively.

You might try the HP site and see if they have an update for your Pocket PC hardware. Unfortunately, I don't think they continued support for the Journada when they introduced the iPAQ.

I use an iPAQ and I dread the day that I can't synch.

Good luck to you!

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not likely, and not for now at least.

by w2ktechman In reply to You might be able to use ...

I have a newer IPAQ, and could not get Activsync to work on it. I am sure that there will be some updates for Activsync to work in Vista, but on those older units like the Jornada, I do not beleive that they work well with newer versions of Activsync. I may be wrong however.

I would look to MS and see when the latest version of Activsync is made available to work with Vista. 2 weeks ago though, the latest did not.

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Ended up going back to XP

by Link999 In reply to not likely, and not for n ...

I just ended up going back to Windows XP. I was having other little problems with Vista. For example,

1) Couldn't sync older PocketPC

2) My VPN software for work wasn't supported under Vista (and didn't work)

3) ZoneAlarm isn't available for Vista yet

4) Some of my other programs didn't want to work under Vista

5) I was having some problems printing and there is no newer driver from HP yet

6) I was having a few problems with Outlook Webmail

After going back to XP everything is working fine again. I'll wait for a bit before trying Vista again. Thanks for your replies.

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Perhaps you should read all the threads about Vista being crap

by Why Me Worry? In reply to How to get an older Pocke ...

and realize just how much grief Vista is creating for the end users and us seasoned IT pros.

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by mlambert890 In reply to Perhaps you should read a ...

What a completely worthless comment. Maybe start your own threads if you have a campaign to wage. And since when does one anonymous guy somewhere on the net speak for all of "us IT pros"... sheesh

As to the original question, I would consider something like this:

Or stick with XP for now

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easy solution that REALLY works

by jdilberian In reply to How to get an older Pocke ...

go to microsoft's download center and get the new Windows Mobile Device Center drivers. after you install them, plug in your pocket pc and everything else is as simple as plug and plaY!

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HP Jornada 560

by mestarspet In reply to easy solution that REALLY ...

Hi- I tried using the drivers from Windows Mobile center to work with VISTA. Results:Activesync does not work with my 64 bit VISTA. So far I hate Vista!!!

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Yeppers sure can

by jackie40d In reply to How to get an older Pocke ...

Delete "Vista" and never look back re install XP and DO NOT go to "VISTA" for anything return the CD to the store get your money back ! "Vista" will be MS's sore spot soon as nothing old works with it . . Or add a second Hard drive and install Linux and it will work . .

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