How to get around the boot up password forgotten

By wpgcbx ·
My son closed his business and gave me one of his computers. He allowed his employees to put passwords on the computers without him knowing their passwords. He gave me one of these computers, a Dell Optiplex 150. I cannot use it because I do not know the password and he cannot contact the former employee, who may not even remember the password. The operating system is Windows 2000. I tried getting into the bios and changing the password, but that's apparently a different password and does not change the boot up password. I tried booting up in Safe Mode, but it still wants the password before gaining assess to the PC. I ended up reformatting the HD which solved the problem. I would delete this post if I knew how.

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by Bizzo In reply to How to get around the boo ...

Edit your post to remove your email address and phone number, this is a public forum and there may be spam bots or whoever lurking!

If you can get past the bios password, but not the windows password, which is what I assume you mean by boot up password, then the best thing to do is to reformat and reload windows. You'll obviously lose all the data on the machine, but if this was a business machine, then you'd probably be better off doing that anyway.

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You CAN blank it....

by TriDom In reply to Firstly

There are Linux CDs out there that will allow you to blank the password and access the OS if you really need to. Just do a Google search for boot disks.

I use Bart's PE Boot Disk. The instructions are easy and it guides you through the process.

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As mentioned previously

by The Scummy One In reply to You CAN blank it....

if the old user has data on the drive, or in the user account(s) then this may be an issue. If there is SW installed and not licensed properly (licensed to the business) then this needs to be removed as well.
The thing to do is to reformat and load it from scratch. The BEST thing to do is to run a drive wipe utility, and then reformat and reload from scratch.

But apparently you are too quick to answer properly, that you dont pay enough attention to what the problem really is!
Besides, it is is bad form and frowned upon at TR to give answers on how to BREAK a PW.

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Not my Favorite story

by Kenone In reply to How to get around the boo ...

My favorite was the reverend at the church with the donated computer that he was trying to set up for a poor old shutin whose dog just died.

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Hmmm -- I love the SOB stories

by The Scummy One In reply to Not my Favorite story

because it adds a little to the 'Please help me break into this stolen notebook' scenario.
The ones that just say that, are too stupid for their own good -- lol

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Wouldn't that be refreshing

by jimmy-jam In reply to Hmmm -- I love the SOB st ...

I can see it now.

Post Title:
I just stole this laptop and I need help cracking the password.

I just spent the last three nights breaking into cars and businesses and I have all these laptops now that I stole and it would be so much easier to unload them if I had the password so I could remove all of the identifiable information and steal all of the users indentities, bank account numbers and so on. Would someone out there please help me.

Hugh Jass


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There WAS an airport/cafe laptop thief once ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Wouldn't that be refreshi ...

Who wound me up something rotten, claiming that he was gonna remove the cmos battery and that would cure all the password problems.

I informed him he was wasting his time because of the newer, more recent laptops having solid state passwords.

Cool as you like he then posted that "that was what he had thought, and just wanted confirmation" saying he'd just break the newer laptops for spares and sell the older crackable ones.

It takes all types, but I didn't spot HIM for what he was until it was too late.

All his posts were deleted.

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I still prefer the bloke 'getting rid' of dirty pictures ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Not my Favorite story

But being unable to do that, coz he (and anyone else) doesn't have a valid password.

The sheer madness of the situation - if there ain't no password, no-one will EVER see what he preferred to call "questionable material". :^0

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Well I did offer to get them off that drive if it was sent to me <NT> :0

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I still prefer the bloke ...
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LOL!!! How noble of you :^0 <NT>

by jimmy-jam In reply to Well I did offer to get t ...

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