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    How To Get Data From any Com Ports of PC


    by hamna_1999 ·

    A weigh bridge machine is connected through com port to my pc shows the weight of Trucks on that perticular machine. I build a software in MSAccess to record the Trucks weights on my database i entered a data manually i mean weight of truck in my database can it possible in MSAccess to get weight through com port of the weighbridge machine in to my database without entringing manually.

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      by hamna_1999 ·

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      Use MSComm32.ocx Control

      by mohammad oweis ·

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      You can use mscomm32.ocx control to read the data from weigh bridge to the DB using the MSAccess software.
      Actually, we already have the same scenario.
      We use weigh bridge machine to weight the trucks and connecting the machine via serial cable to the PC to COM1, then use the MSAccess application to read the weight from the indicator.

      Unfortunately i can’t help you very much, as i am not a developer. but i know that we use the mscomm32.ocx inside the application to read the weight.

      But make sure that the following windows update is not installed on the PC MS09-055, because after installing this update mscomm32.ocx will no longer be able to read data from COM port. i experienced that 🙁

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