How to get files of a broken external HDD?

By Calvin.H ·
I have an older Iomega 1TB external Hard drive which started clicking some time ago and stopped being recognized by the PC. I took it apart and found 2 500GB drives inside. I tried to get the files of via a SATA to USB Cable but the files of the two hard drives seem to be inter connected and I cannot get all the files from them to my new Back up Hard drive. Any suggestions?

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You'll have to give us the Model of the Enclosure here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to get files of a bro ...

Also you could test the Drives with their Makers Testing Utility available here


But depending on which model there are different possibilities and it's not possible to answer without knowing what it was.


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Enclosure Model

by Calvin.H In reply to How to get files of a bro ...

I think the enclosure Model ( or the model of the whole thing) is MDHD10T-U. I don't think that anything is wrong with the HDDs themselves but more likely with the board that managed both them, because when I connected them separately with the cable to my PC they did not click at all and seemed to be running fine. While on one of the disks I could find all the names of all the files I had in it I could not access a number of them ( I have not tried every single file as 1TB of files is a fair bit of reading I would have to do) but on the other HDD I could not even get as far as access it, leave alone exploring it. On my XP PC, even though it recognizes that something has been plugged in, the volume has no name is not accessible. On a Vista machine on the other hand it keeps asking to format the HDD, something I have declined since I do need the files on it after all. Does that help to narrow down the possibilities on how I could get the files of the HDDs?

Thank you for suggesting the diagnostic programs by the way. I will try to run the diagnostic as soon as possible.

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This link may prove helpful then

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Enclosure Model


Seems in this case that the PS is the issue here as they tend to fail a lot and as it's a RAID 0 Setup it gets more difficult.

Also don't believe Vista about needing the format the HDD either as it's something to do with the newer Security employed by Vista and this is quite common when it comes to using on a Vista System.


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