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How to get files out of a HDD with virus

By hectorochoa007 ·
My laptop doesn't boot up because of virus in the HDD,I put the HDD in a HDD kit enclosure and plugged via USB to a desktop but it didn't open,I'm thinking of using this HDD as a slave with a cable adapter,do you think I can open the HDD doing this way even with the HDD having virus or I am wasting my time and have to format my HDD and lose my files,please give me your best advice.

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by TheChas In reply to How to get files out of a ...

Yes, you should be able to install the drive as a slave on another PC and extract the files.

Before installing the drive, update your anti-virus software. Then, perform a full scan on the entire drive before accessing any files.

No sense infecting a running PC.

I'm puzzled as to why the USB adapter did not allow you to access the drive.

I guess it is possible that the virus has infected the boot sector and is preventing the USB adapter from accessing the drive.


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by zlitocook In reply to How to get files out of a ...

When you connect the USB does your computer even show the drive? Are your sure it was a virus abd not the drive going bad? When it was in your laptop did it try to boot or did it say O/S not found? You could try booting to a boot floppy a do a format /mbr or boot to the XP cd and try a repair.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to How to get files out of a ...


Are you trying to look at a NTFS drive, (XP W2K) with a win98 machine? This would not work.

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by NCtech In reply to How to get files out of a ...

I've found knoppix ( and a usb drive, to be a useful data recovery tool. Just boot up the cd, mount the drive(s) and transfer your files.

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by EStrother In reply to How to get files out of a ...

If by doing the above, you are actually able to recover your files. I would save the files to a CD or any other type of device and then I would recommend doing a reformat before using or reinstalling the files.

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by rmorain In reply to How to get files out of a ...

Some enclosures have to have the enclosed drive pinned to master.

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