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How to get HP Certified for server installations

By Dudeirock ·
I'll give you a quick run down on what the situation is then the question.

I am a full time outsourced contractor (dont worry im not in India) whose team runs the Data Center for our client (450+ Windows/HP-UX environment). The only aspect that we dont have total control over is the installation of new servers that come into the environment and un-installation of old servers which are going back as part of a lease-refresh.

When we receive a new server to be installed, or even for a Hard Drive replacement, the contracts our client has with HP on a per-server basis calls for an HP certified technician to do the physical work, which I hear equals out to at least $100/hr.

With the idea of saving the client money and not wasting time waiting for a technician to come out to install a server or wait 4 hours for a tech to replace a hard drive on a critical production system, how would I, and the rest of my team go about getting these certifications. I already checked HP's certifications website, but it is a bunch of useless information.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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by ericl_w19 In reply to How to get HP Certified f ...

thats like saying you must have an a+ certified tech install your monitor.what a bunch of crap.

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by Dudeirock In reply to please

Yes, its exactly like saying we must have an a+ certified tech install your monitor. But unfortunately they (client I work for) dont want to take any chances, seems how we are deeply regulated by the FDA. They are a pharmecutical/cosmetic manufacturer. I figure this can save them thousands of dollars on labor over the 3 year lease contracts that they have on each Proliant that comes in. Thats why, even though its absurd, I want to figure this out.

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