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    How to get internet access turned on my computer


    by car12you ·

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    Hello, well my other computer does not have any inter access but it says it is connected. I know that there is access because of the this computer. I also had heard that there is a button you can accidently hit. What is this button?

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      Need more information please..

      by Wizard57M-TR ·

      In reply to How to get internet access turned on my computer

      To be of assistance you need to provide a few details about your problem computer…is it a laptop, desktop? What is the brand, make and model, and how old is it? What operating system does it run, like Windows, ChromeOS? Depending on these factors it is possible a simple keypress could solve the issue, but without it there is no way of knowing which key. It could also be a hardware problem such as a WiFi or ethernet adapter failing.

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