How to get into Network Security?

By p_walsh_2001 ·
I am coming to the end of completing a MSc Network Security and would ideally like to get a job in the industry. I am currently working as an IT technician, but want to know the best way to get into the network security section. I dont hold a CISSP however would like to complete one when I can sort out a job etc is there anywhere that does entry level network security to train you up or get a foot in the door.


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Good Luck!!

by DonDefy In reply to How to get into Network S ...

Tis a bit of a crisis around mate :))

If you want a job in IT security (I don?t honestly know why, its boring as **** and the pays bad) you should look into pharmaceutical companies in your area. They usually are good for hiring and do ok at all times, plenty of sick people to go around :)) I don?t think you have a chance any where else mate so

Good Luck

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by p_walsh_2001 In reply to Good Luck!!

Thanks for the reply, I find network security quite interesting to be fair. I know I am graduating at a rather bad time with the current economy, all the jobs seem to be for Security managers with no lower level jobs to learn the trade. I also like computer forensic side of things as well, which I've been looking into but again seem to want people with X years experience.

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You want Hired

by Wizard-09 In reply to Thanks

Look into this it's called CEH and I am currently taking this myself.

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by p_walsh_2001 In reply to You want Hired

I was considering undertaking an ethical hacking course, how are you finding it?

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Thanks

Interesting, if you have the time to study the book and the tools used then you will very much enjoy it if your into this sort of course then it's interesting If i was you I would look into it.

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by p_walsh_2001 In reply to Very

I ask who you you hvae gone through for the course? I have found a few sites offering course's ranging from ?600-2000

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Can

Get the training books off the web, I stuided it myself then I go to take the test, that cuts the cost for you all you have to do is pay for the course, the ones you are talking about I think they train you but I like to do it myself.

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