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    how to get ip


    by sumit_acharya ·

    hi all
    suppose iam chating some one on any messenger say yahoo messenger and i want to knoe his ip address. so how can i know it. does somebody know any tool???

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      by falvarado ·

      In reply to how to get ip

      One way to do it is to go to a command prompt and type:

      netstat -a

      Of course, you will have to decipher which address is which, but this is a quick and dirty way of doing what you want.

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        Reply To: how to get ip

        by sumit_acharya ·

        In reply to RE:

        thanks but it didnot slove my problem
        i think need some other tool or ……

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      Why do you need to know…

      by arthurp ·

      In reply to how to get ip

      Why do you need to know someone’s IP address when you’re talking to them via an IM.

      Then again if you honestly want to know their IP address just ask them …. then it’s upto them to provide you with that information.

      Maybe I’m a little too sceptical, but if you want to attempt to find hacking information I’d try looking for another site

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        by sumit_acharya ·

        In reply to Why do you need to know…

        look somebody has hacked mine friends yahoo id and he is palying with his identity. i think u can understand. so we want to know whether he is from same place where we sit usually. if i can know his IP address then i can track him. thats why.
        thanks for ur concern..

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      Reply To: how to get ip

      by apluspcnet ·

      In reply to how to get ip

      the netstat will work but you have to do something kind sketchy. first, know your IP address, and it has to be a real IP address, and not a classless address. get them, while in chat to go to start, run , then type in \\your ip address tell them it is a site you recommend. then you can netstat them. it will remain in your cache for under a minute and you will be able to nab their address. Hope this helps. What you are doing is sketchy so, tricking the other person is just as bad. The things that can fool you though is if they have a firewall, behind a router or such.

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