How to get last powered off time from rebooted cisco router..?

By deepumdev ·
This question is based on the cisco router. Is there any
command for display the last turned off time of cisco
The issue is one of my link for a network is failed (at Sept
5 7.30) and its get through at Sept 5 15.00. But the router
gone to turned off in between that time. Now i need to
understand the actual time of turned off..? is there any
chance ..?

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You may be lucky

by TobiF In reply to How to get last powered o ...

If it shut down in a controlled way, due to something, then you may find an entry in the system log.

But if the power unexpectedly disappeared, then you'd not find such a note. And may even have earned a bad sector on the HDD.

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There is a SNMP statistic which shows the uptime in days

by robo_dev In reply to How to get last powered o ...

so by subtracting the uptime value from the current time, you get back to when the router was restarted.

If you want more detailed info, turn on syslog and deploy a syslog server. This will give a full audit trail of your router.

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