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How to get new contact?

By jcharavda ·
Now it is rnerly 3 months and after visiting several
groups and discussions, my networking group still
remains with the same list that I have 3 months ago.
How do I get other contacts to be interested in me?
How do I make them my "real" contact instead of just
on the "list"??

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Fair Echange

by Oldefar In reply to How to get new contact?

Time, money, security, knowledge, prestige. These are the currencies we deal in.

Your networking group has to be considered as individuals, and each is looking for some exchange. What have you given them in terms of security, knowledge, or prestige? What opportunities have you found for them to earn money?

I suspect you are all just swapping time right now. Consider what you can do for them, and you are more likely to discover what they can do for you.

Good luck.

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by Oz_Media In reply to How to get new contact?

In Downtown Vancouver there is a series of bars that cater to all sorts of different .coms and networking companies.

I've used this form of 'actual' networking to meet a group of "friends" not peers that specialize in writing security code, some of the TOP CRM programmers from well known companies, some really heavy duty network engineers and then another bar is full of business owners, stock traders and investors.

I found that even with great online peer groups, nothing beats a quick phone call to the right person to get the straight answer right away.

this network has also given me hundreds of hours of work (the second group mentioned) as well as opportunities for employment with many of the business in th edowntown core. My credibility nede only proven once or twice, now because these people all know each other, my name gets tossed around for every project conceivable. This is probably why I can't understand why so many people are looking for work at this site.

Perhapse if these people got out and socialized with the right people once in a while (as opposed to whining about the job market on a website)there would be a lot less unemployed IT staff around. Many of the people I know, have thier own businesses and have NEVER even considered hiring IT support (many don't even know what IT is). When they start complaining about their network or not knowing how to handle email, one of my friends will pass on my card and viola, I have more business. NOTE: there are a ton of IT companies and network service companies in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, they sit waiting for the phone to ring while I get their business first hand.

GET OUT AND MEET SOME PEOPLE! (note: find th ecenter of commerce in the area and follow the suits to the bar, that's where the work is)

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by Oz_Media In reply to How to get new contact?

I posted a lengthy response but F'd up the submission so I'll keep this shorter.

I built a network (of real living and breathing people, not just internet associates)by finding out where the business was in my city.

There are many bars here but only a few that all the business owners and stock brokers visit.

Between these two bars, there is a sickeningly trendy little martini bar (No, not real martini's but those Crantinis, etc.that are so trendy these days) full of network gurus, security and encryption programmers and some of the most successful database and CRM programmers (non MS) in the industry..

I networked BOTH of these bars and now have the most stable support group available in one bar and so much work in the other that I turn down projects weekly.

These people would never even consider hiring or outsourcing for iT help but when speaking to their peers about problems, they are given my card and then they call me for help.

If the job is over my head, there is the second bar full of IT staff and programmers who will offer any help I need because I keep giving them my overflow projects to work on.

The two are nearly side by side, nobody at the "IT BAR" has networked or "gone to the other side" to network with the other people. They just talk code and Star Trek and then head home to watch the Simpsons.

The business men, avoid the computer guys and vice versa. Enter me, the middle man, I can't keep up.

Go to the center of your city'scommerce district, follow the suits to the bar and network.
Sit beside someone who is complaining about their network and politely interject. You'd be surprised at the result. they don't want to talk to an IT department because it is over their head, in the bar you can just chit chat and get to the root of the problem.

Credibility will come fast and so will referals so I hope you have lots of businsee cards left.

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by Oz_Media In reply to GO OUTSIDE!

In my hasty cutting down of text (2330 to 1930) I deleted the second bar's patrons. The second bar is full of stock brokers and business owners from the business district of Downton Vancouver (Bentall Center). Many of them are too old to be interested in computing but have to learn to keep up with the industry. Many of them have massive corporate networks but don't know how to send even a basic email message or open a spreadsheet.

They have huge IT departments but won't bother them, due tocost and their lack of social skills.
These guys deal with people all day, not computers, they need to get help from people not IT staff.

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Expand.. give & take

by murs_dgvc In reply to How to get new contact?


What do you mean by your networking group?
Why does it exist?

Is it a friendship group/business group

It takes time for any network to grow.

We will assume that you had already taken the first step in networking with people:
1. giving some contacts to those in your list
2. requesting them to give some contacts
3. building trust
4. respecting each other

If u need more on this, lets talk offline.

send an email to <>

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