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how to get passphrase from wep key

By jeremy_walker ·
I need to know how to get a generator that does the oppisite of the wep key generator. It would help our techs in the field do their jobs faster.

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You won't find your hack here

by jdclyde In reply to how to get passphrase fro ...

No one here will help you find a program to hack into someone elses systems.

This isn't a scriptkiddy site.

And before you try to weakly defend yourself, field techs do not hack into someones system unless they are doing penetration testing as security consultants, and these people would already know all the in's and out's of doing this.

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I appologize.

by jeremy_walker In reply to You won't find your hack ...

First of all, I am not a hacker. I am sorry if that is what you think of me. I install home networks for comcast and was just looking for a tool to help us find passphrases for subs without haveing to reset everything. If I can not get help, that is fine. Just do not think I was here trying to get hacks because I can get those from anywhere. Thank you for your reply and helping me understand that tech republic is not really there to help me the way I thought they were. I really did enjoy the insight I have received. It is to bad That I will now unsubscribe do to one man who decided to assume I was here as a rookie hacker That wouldn't know how to get info through the back door. I was trying to do this the ligit way, by asking other proffesionals.

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Good Bye

by jdclyde In reply to I appologize.

If you were legit, the people you are working for would be giving you physical access to all equipment, so you could console in and SEE what the settings currently are. This would take much less time than to try to hack the settings.

So no, you will not get help hacking, even if you are not a hacker. Does that answer your question?

And that no one else responded, shows that everyone else felt I had pretty much covered all the bases.

This is for working professionals, and what you are explaining you wish to do is not professional.

Asking for help to hack is NOT "the ligit way". Having the customer give you physical access to check all current setting IS the professional way as you can never assume that they are setup the correct way currently.

The other part that shows you are clearly lying is that Cable installers will not touch someones router, and only support directly to the PC UNLESS the provider is the one to also provide the router as part of a home network package.

Any professional would know this as well, not to mention if you DID work on their box, you would already be in the house.

You are a lier, a thief, and now a weasel.

I was polite and to the point before. You have now insulted everyone here with your whining and lies.

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somting similar bu legit

by hotdoom In reply to Good Bye

this is for my home network, i have a nintendo wi-fi usb connector and ben hering thers a way to use it whit the psp, is this true? caus if so id like to know how.

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you need a router

by jdclyde In reply to somting similar bu legit

and two ethernet cables.

very legal and very easy.

Just about any cable router will do just fine.

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Hey jeremy

by Tig2 In reply to I appologize.

Something that you might not be aware of here- we get a LOT of folks in here looking for password hacks. Lately they just come screaming out of the woodwork. Maybe it is a seasonal thing, I don't know.

I can tell you that from personal experience, I hardly ever touch these questions any more. I was flamed once for telling someone that they needed to contact their manufacturer and was bombarded with peer mail by another guy who literally was threatening me (?). Had to block him from my email, he got so annoying.

The problem that you will have with using such a tool is that it will leave you open to accusations from your customers. Not good. I have Comcast service. If you needed to work on my system, I would need to be onsite or I would assume that you would need to reset my security to default. More likely that I would be there- I am very careful about my systems.

JD is one of the more helpful folks around here and I am certain that if you had any interaction with him, beyond a password issue, you would find him very helpful and very accomodating.

I put it to one guy this way- on an anonymous board, the fingertips on the keyboard could be anyone... nice guys trying to facilitate their work or juvenile hacker. There is just no way to know.

The rationale that you post for wanting such a thing makes sense. It would have been helpful to understanding if you had included it in your first post.

Incidentally, do you have a peer at Comcast that can lead you to better insight? Someone who is also doing the same work has a much better grasp of what you're working with and may have ideas we'd NEVER have come up with from sheer lack of knowledge.

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Great reply!

by TonytheTiger In reply to Hey jeremy

Someone should anonymize it and put it up as a FAQ!

Well Done!

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Thanks Tony

by Tig2 In reply to Great reply!

I may just do that. Heaven knows we need something...

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it honestly would be helpfull

by taxaberry In reply to You won't find your hack ...

i also work with comcast and if i could get people to put thier gateway settings back as they had them then i would not have to set up 5 wireless computers every time they have a power outage. so don't flip out when some one asks a simple question, infact is there a utility to type in a wep key and get the passphrase.

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Sock puppets ftw!

by jmgarvin In reply to it honestly would be help ...

Man, this is just classic.

Power outages breaking wireless connectivity and comcast needing a tool to fix it...

****, I thought comcast techs just fell asleep on your couch...

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