How To Get Past my School's Admin?

By BrambleStar ·
Just a little background before I get started on this...
For one thing, in my school, it is not just the students who are trying to get past the admin, its driving the teachers insane 2 (nobody knows who admin is.) So I will not be kicked out.
For another thing, I am NOT looking to get a crack or hack to get the admin password, just a nice, simple way around it.
The admin in our school does NOT block websites or downloads, only installs.
However, this is a problem, because I wish to install many things that it is blocking.
Even when I tried to install a software called Camstudio my ICT teacher reccomended it was blocked, it is driving me insane!!! ( I found a portable version of that, CamStudio is not the prob)
However some of the people in school have managed to install stuff WITHOUT using any kind of Hacks/Cracks/etc, so I am just wondering how they did it.
Right now I am trying to install Utorrent, everybody else has managed to get it on there, and I must know how!!!
our school's admin is just a regular admin, and the laptop is a HP ProBook 4330s.
And thats about it...
(Note: I do not want to here any "Getting past admins wrong etc etc" because I KNOW!!! So please lets not be hatin on me cause I wanna download a few games...)

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You will have to go through the school admin...

Quoting the Q&A FAQ:
"Can I ask questions about retrieving passwords? Back to Top
If your problem is related to granting access to a system, program, email, or web site (such as a password or finding a back door) TechRepublic will not help you, and you may be criticized by TechRepublic peers and/or have your account/post removed."

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sorry, but.....

by databaseben In reply to How To Get Past my School ...

if the hp pro book is school property, then it is setup in such a way to keep it from being modified, corrupted and possibly infected.

also, since it is not illegal for you to try to circumvent the security protocols, it would be illegal if you actually did circumvent the protocols and then installed software that the school has no permission to use. this could cause the school to be sued by the software makers. (you should read those agreements that we all click and accept during software installation in order to know more about what rights are given up in return for using their software, like personal information, tracking, location, ip address, etc...)

in any case, with regards to other people having been able to circumvent the security protocols that protect the registry hive and file system from being modified, there are a lot of possible methods.

but since you are being honest about it and asking us for instructions, you should let the network people at your school know what you need and if its beneficial towards your studies, then they may relax your user privileges to install that program.

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Portable Software

by n.gurr In reply to How To Get Past my School ...

Your best choice is to use portable software on the laptop and buy / get given /get for a birthday a desktop to play games on. Most laptops game badly and this one is set up for the functions that are required by the school and you should respect that. Gaming computers do not need to be expensive atm a recent article in PC Format in the UK there was no real difference between a ??300 pc and a ??3000 in use in games, although I cannot find it on-line in a brief search. Ask the admin to install any software you need. Some software does install into non protected areas which can work depending how the machine is locked down. I would just have a data stick with portable versions of the software that you want to use. Alternatively try and boot from a data stick with Linux on. Linux would be a good learning environment, although if you use a live version rather than installing it on the data stick it may lose changes.

All in all I would just use portable software and play Popcap/other online games.

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I have to ask...

by cmiller5400 In reply to How To Get Past my School ...

If you know that what you are asking is wrong, WHY bother asking in the first place?

Number 1: You are NOT the administrator. This is clear as your account does not have the appropriate privileges. From what you have said it looks like the admin has set it up so that only authorized people should be installing software apparently.

Number 2: If I were the admin, and I found out you were doing as you propose, you would be suspended/expelled from school. If the software is of legitimate use to the school and is properly licensed, the Admin should have no issue installing it for you. By installing software of questionable use, you could be opening up all kinds of liability to the school.

Number 3: You also may be charged with some sort of computer crime in a court of law. It is possible that you could be arrested for unauthorized access/tampering.

So, my point is: Find out who has access to install the software and have them do it. There should be someone in IT that knows. The rest of what you say is utter BS reasoning.

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Befriend the admin...

by dcolbert Contributor In reply to How To Get Past my School ...

Rare Star Wars or other collectibles, comics and graphic novels, and conversations about how the IT staff isn't respected by the faculty and students are probably good places to start.

You are headed down the road of making the Admin your enemy. Unlearn that bad habit before you get to the real world and get a desk-job or you'll spend a lifetime always on the slowest PC in the office with the fuzziest monitor and the worst mouse and keyboard.

Nice troll, though.

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Orbital Issue

by robo_dev In reply to How To Get Past my School ...

If each student installed and ran uTorrent, even a ping could not get through as a bunch of P2P machines will literally crash many firewalls, as they have session limits.

So, in theory, when your parents paid for your fancy laptop, and the school paid for the computer network, the intent was that MAYBE you could get an education and, with luck, be someone who does not have their name embroidered on their shirt or wear a WalMart name tag when you're 40 years old.

But instead, go ahead and setup your own MineCraft server and uTorrent all the music and movies you want, because this will prepare you well for doing these things for the next twenty years of doing the same thing from your cozy home in your parent's basement.

Your boring friends who did boring things like studying and following the rules of the big-bad-admin will live in their big houses with the exotic sports cars, while you shall be driving your mother's rusty Chrysler Minivan with no air conditioning and get yelled at daily by the WalMart store manager for being late or wearing your name tag crooked.

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by a.portman In reply to How To Get Past my School ...

You didn't want a lecture, but here it is anyway. I say this because, I was the network administrator for a K-12 public school district.

The way to install the software you want to use is to buy it and install it on the computer YOU buy. That is pretty simple, isn't it.

uTorrent and other torrent clients suck bandwidth, and if you think there is plenty, you are simply wrong.
Commercial software needs to be installed in compliance with its license agreement. I have had to teach this simple lesson to math teachers, but you get the short form. When you buy one copy, you GET ONE COPY. When you buy one copy and install in the lab, on your buddies machine, on your home and school and laptop machine, you may (every title is different) be in violation. I hate to break this to you, but Microsoft, Adobe and several other big names in the software biz, spend millions looking for schools doing this. The fines can be steep. I am betting mommy and daddy do not want me sending you a bill for $150,000. So I will prevent that.

Read your acceptable use agreement. Find the part with the penalties. I will bill you for the time and effort to remove/repair what you did. Consider this a life lesson. In the work place people get fired for violating the acceptable use agreement.

The dirty secret. I have a bigger hammer than the cceptable use agreement. Here in Missouri unauthorized use of a network is a felony. 90% of K-12 schools get their Internet through a state program. Welcome to theft of state resources. Oh, and tell your teacher to go through the channels and get the software installed if they want it. If they aren't tenured, they can be unemployed easily. If they are, schools are getting better and better at document and fire.

One last note, school network admins read TechRepublic too.

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Reponse To Answer

by lasie In reply to Don't

Hear, hear. I agree 100% with you. Well put!!

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Reponse To Answer

by cae1136 In reply to Don't
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I wish I had the answer

by somethinggood4 In reply to How To Get Past my School ...

Perhaps I'm on the wrong end of the spectrum here, but if I knew the answer that BrambleStar was looking for, I'd give it. I hear what you're saying, and you're technically correct; but the reason that North America is going downhill is that bureaucrats are more interested in limiting future liability than in providing a system that actually WORKS. And in case you all missed the point in the original post "NOBODY KNOWS WHO THE ADMIN IS". So telling Bramble to "go to the admin and get him to do it" is insulting, useless 'advice'.

What Bramble will learn from this is not that he can figure out how to get what he wants with a little creativity and ingenuity, he will learn that you can't fight "the Man", and you just need to have your experiences spoon-fed to you by a faceless corporation. Isn't that the attitude we're always complaining about? That kids don't care? If that's what you want, everybody chip in and buy him an iPad!

Bramble, keep trying. The rules are stupid. Following stupid rules is stupid. Good luck, and keep that inquiring mind! It will serve you better than anything you learn in a trickle-down bureaucracy!

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