How to get rid of the Thingy?

By snaido ·
I've got some malware on my computer. I've have it for about two weeks. Here are the symptoms I'm getting.

1 IE pop-up windows, to a site called

2 Yellow balloons from my taskbar prompting me to download download antispyware software.

3 Grey pop-ups, like error messages, also prompting me to download antivirus/spyware software.

4 2 programs showing up on my desktop and on my start menu program list: online security guide and live safety center: there targets are

5 only happens when I am online

A little more info. I downloaded the AVG anti-virus program before infection and hoping that would take care of things (ha) . I downloaded the Windows Defender program after infection and hoping that would take care of things it works for a minute after I scan and remove the virus.

Please help me get rid of tis problem.

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Okay, couple of questions

by Tig2 In reply to How to get rid of the sav ...

When you ran AVG, did you run it from the active desktop or in safe mode? You really need to do it in safe mode.

From another machine- keep this one offline for now- download Spybot SSD and CCleaner to a memory stick. Install them on the infected machine. Run SSD and clean out anything it finds. Do this in safe mode. Now boot the machine but keep it off the net. Run CCleaner. You will need to run it over and over until it can't find anything. It will ask you to make a copy of the registry. DO THIS. You only need to do it once.

Reboot the machine. Now go to the web. Same symptoms? Consider doing a reload after backing up your files. If you're clean, make a restore point.

You can Google for CCleaner and Spybot SSD.

Good luck!

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Along with the other advice above

by OnTheRopes In reply to How to get rid of the sav ...

Try AVG's Free Anti-spyware available here:
If the above doesn't provide any relief I'd try Sunbelt software's Counterspy available here:<br><br><br>
Counterspy is fully-functioning trialware good for 30 days I believe. Once you're through with it you can uninstall it using Control Panel/Add-Remove programs. I've seen Counterspy find spyware that other programs missed. Do a "deep" scan with Counterspy.
Of course you'll want to get all updates for both programs before scanning. Doing complete scans on a computer with many drives and/or a lot of data can take awhile, especially on older equipment.<br><br>
To prevent problems in the future you can use the "Immunize" function in Spybot S&amp. I also use SpywareBlaster from It too prevents infection by blocking known bad websites.<br><br> You might also consider using Firefox as your main browser. It doesn't use Active X controls so it's easier to remain spyware free.

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