How to get rid of the Welcome to Windows Screen and...

By zainhansrod ·

How do i get rid of the Welcome to Windows Screen when you first boot Windows the very first time - and configure the Automatic Updates/User Account/etc...?

Also is there a way to set the local policy when installing Windows?

I have created a Customized install of WinXP CD - i want to do the above on the Customized CD so that i get all those Policy settings when i install WinXP!


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by p.j.hutchison In reply to How to get rid of the Wel ...

You can use Setup Manager from the file from Windows CD to configure some settings when installing Windows such as Workgroup/Domain name, time zone, computer name, display settings, admin password etc.

Other settings can only be applied using features such as Group Policy which is applied when a computer boots up or a user logs in.

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You can try the Windows OPK Install Disc

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How to get rid of the Wel ...

You should be able to get one from M$ as they want people to use this a lot more often than it is currently being used. It supposedly comes with a Pack of 3 XP OEM CD's but quite often these get removed.

Just in case of any confusion OPK stands for OEM Preinstallation Kit.


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