How to get screensaver in windows 7 to work

By rpnadal08 ·
I tried all the 25+ years of knowledge and tricks that I know and still the screen savers in windows 7 wont work. I know I am missing something, but, for the life of me I cant figure it out. Subject a Dell Inspiron 1501 with 1 gig of memory moved up to Windows 7 home premium with all drivers installed (from Dell's vista support). Except for the screen saver, it runs like a champ, fast and clean. So, WHAT AM I MISSING HERE?

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Been here-Done it

by rpnadal08 In reply to have you read here ?

Thanks for the feed! Been there and comb Microsoft site, but, there fixes are all very lame (whats new!)Did research over the Internet and seems to be going problem. I know the problem lies in the power sittings and I've tried all the settings. I can do a preview, but, the screen saver wont invoke. Had Linux Mint 8 on it and had zero problems, so, I know unit itself is fine. This is no earth shattering must have it! It is been setup for field use. Its just "I would like to know how to fix it for future knowledge!"

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Possible Solution!

by rpnadal08 In reply to Been here-Done it

Well after countless hrs, all sorts registry re-writes, patches and even installed tiny XP ver9 (after windows 7 install) and the final verdict is a power issue! Under Linux Mint 8 every thing ran like a top, I should have left it alone. But, with Windows 7 becoming popular and clients drilling me with "When are you going to support Windows 7?". I had no choice but to dive in Microsoft's pool (no comment on that one!). I have installed windows 7 on other laptops and desk top with out a hitch! The Dell Inspiron 1501 is very quirky when it comes to power. I keep all of posted when I change the power supply (the old one needs replacing) if it corrects the problem or not. For what the laptop is used for I don't really care for screensavers, but, it is a matter of principal!

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by rpnadal08 In reply to How to get screensaver in ...

Well, after much debate, a new power supply was ordered for the Dell Inspiron 1501 and problem gone. The outer ring has one voltage, the inner inside ring another and the center one say to windows "I'm a Dell Genuine Power Supply!" With Linux Mint 8 it don't care, but, it matters with Windows 7. It solve the erratic battery charging under Win 7, screen saver and other squirrely behavior.

Since then.....
Still have Linux Mint 8 and Windows 7 on it and up the ram to 2 gigs. Do all my book work and other sensitive work on Mint 8 and use Windows 7 as a trouble shooter.

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