How to get to the hard drive in an HP 1055cm plotter???

By lmedford ·
i am having problem plotting large files and get errors that say hard drive out of space data lost. Maybe the drive needs maintenance it has never been defraged as far as i know.

In the summer i plotted aerials at E size and no trouble now it will not work very often and will sometimes send for hours before it prints


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Local PC or Server

by TheChas In reply to How to get to the hard dr ...

Physically, the hard drive is on the rear panel just to the left of the network interface.

While not covered at all in the manual, you can access the internal hard drive from the utilities section of the plotter menu.

Looking at the FAQs for the 1000 series plotters, it sounds like the issue may not be the hard drive inside the plotter, but in your PC or the print server.

The plot data files can get to be very large. If there is not enough free disk space on the drive that hosts the plot files, you will get this error message.

If the plotter is connected directly to your PC, check how much free space is on the hard drive. Do what you can to free up disk space.

If the plotter is a shared network device, then you need to determine what device is the print server that hosts the plot files. You may need to have the IT staff review free space on the print server.

Even if it is the hard drive in the plotter, I doubt it needs to be defragged. More likely, there are remnants from plot files that were canceled or lost to a power outage.


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Got Your Message

by TheChas In reply to How to get to the hard dr ...

I got your message.

The manual I donwloaded from HP did state that there are different menus that can be enabled and disabled. Not all menu options may be visible with specific configurations.

Pain in the ***!

Also, some of the other things I came across in the HP plotter community make me wonder just what can be done with the hard drive other than to replace it. It even sounds like the drive does not use a standard DOS/Windows file format.

Being that this is a business system, you don't want to get in trouble for changing settings or configurations that you are not supposed to.

I recommend that you talk with your manager and determine where the responsibility for taking care of the plotter lies.

If it is part of your job, then start by downloading the manual. You may need to change the configuration in order to get to the hard drive menu. But like I said before, the manual gave no detail as to what you could do once you got to the hard drive menu.

About the only other thing to consider, is have your files changed, even just a little, so that there is more detail and data in the plots?

You may need to add more RAM to the plotter to improve the performance.


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We have one of the same plotters....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Got Your Message

.... and it requires regular maintenance by a qualified technician. It's on a maintenance contract because of the type of maintenance it needs can't be performed by the user. Could be they (the technicians) don't configure it so the user's can get to the settings on purpose though. Who knows?

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Don't mess with your plotter!

by 1bn0 In reply to How to get to the hard dr ...

The 1055CM is a great machine.

I purchased one at my last job. Excellent performance and quality.

Don't take any chances. Contact a qualified HP Plotter service tech. Its a $2,500 course , just for the plotters.

They will be able to tell you if the problem is really in the plotter and what is required to correct the issue if it is.

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