How To Get W7 to reconize and install drivers for a 5.1 soundcard

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I had a 5.1 soundcard installed on a windows 7 ultimate PC but device manager can't seem to find it or allow me to install the drivers to activate it. I don't know the soundcard's actual manufacturer or product code so I don't know where to download the drivers from. When I run System Information manager ; my speaker configuration shows a 2.1 speaker confab. Running on my videocard but the soundcard doesn't seem to appear anywhere. Yet When I use Device manager the soundcard shows up with no drivers installed for this device and the upgrade and install buttons are grayed out, not letting me correct this problem. Is there a workaround for this problem, or did they make a error in the installation of the soundcard. As is can not use my new 5.1 speakers so I'm back to the 2.1 configurization running out of the original videocard in order to get audio. Any ideas on how to rectify this problem so my new speakers don't remain a dust collection site.
Thanks in advance
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You can use the Unknown Device Identifier to identify the Sound Card Maker

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How To Get W7 to reconize ...

Then download the correct drivers from the Sound Card Makers Web Site. Though if the Sound Card is a few years old it may not have 7 Drivers and remember to download the correct drivers for your version of 7, if you have a 32 Bit OS you'll need the 32 Bit Driver and if you have a 64 Bit OS you'll need the 64 Bit Driver.


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Reponse To Answer

by wlt666 In reply to You can use the Unknown D ...

I thank you for the quick response to my disscribed 5.1 soundcard problem and have done as you suggested; downloading and installing " Unknown Device Program". It ran successfully giving me a disscription of a Sound Blaster Live PCI 5.1 CHIPSET EMU10KI. manufactured by Creative Labs. Went to thier site and downloaded their driver set for that version of Sound Blaster PCI Live. Ran it but came back with error message ; can't remember the code now, but the installation hung and after their reconmended reboot to fix the problem, it still kept hanging with the error message repeating itself on all reboot & reinstallation attempts. Still got the Driver set on hard disk but seem to be stuck at this impasse and when I went back to Creative Labs dowmload site, they still insisted this was the correct driver set for this card. The Exact discrition of the driver set is as follows: Creative Labs: Chip EMU10K1 Audio Chipset ( SB Live )
The Driver Pak included: pci sys#1025;Multimedia Audio Controller
pci#2432;PCI Input Device
Also INCLUDED WAS : Creative Lab PCI Gameport Driver
Any additional information about this would be appreciated, as soundcard is still offline.
Thank You,
Wayne at

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totally agree with oh Smeg

by markp24 In reply to How To Get W7 to reconize ...

Ditto to Oh Smeg

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