How to get Win 2K server to recognize domain tree w/o joining domain?

By esalo ·

I'm trying to add user security settings on MS SQL Server 2000 that runs on an independent win 2k server outside of a domain called TESTDOMAIN. My goal is for that independent win 2k server to be able to recognize the domain, TESTDOMAIN, without physically joining TESTDOMAIN through the use of system properties window (see MS Technet article

I'm not aware of another way around or a simple setting configuration that will get the server to recognize a domain, TESTDOMAIN. For your info, I already added the server in the Domain Controller as a computer.

FYI: the DC is running win 2k server, std. edition.

If I can get the independent server to recognize the DC, it will solve an ODBC connectivity issue that I'm currently experiencing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Workgroups and Domains.

by CG IT In reply to How to get Win 2K server ...

all Windows computers have a security boundry, be it a domain or a workgroup.

If you have 2 computers on the same subnet, they will both "see" each other meaning that they will both be present in My Network Places. To connect to a computer on the LAN that isn't part of the same workgroup, you have to provide authentication. you can use the \\computername\C$ to connect and then provide log on credentials [meaning provide user name and password that is on the computer you wish to connect to].

you can do this on a domain as well, provide authentication and connect. This is the same priciple as remote access.

what won't happen is connections without authentication so users on a domain who wish to access a database server that is not part of their domain will have to remote in the database server and provide credentials.

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RE: Workgroups and Domains

by esalo In reply to Workgroups and Domains.

I'm aware that all Win PC's have security boundaries and require a u/n and p/w upon connection with \\<PCNAME>\C$.

I'm wondering if there is a workaround or a setting change where I can permanently store domain u/n and passwords (e.g, connecting to a PC on the domain from a pc on the workgroup with u/n <DOMAINNAME>\<USERNAME&gt. As far as I know, Win 2k3 server has that capability - if there is such capability on Win 2k, I'm not fully aware of it.

Maybe you could shed some light or at least get a light bulb turned on. ;-)


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I have to ask why..

by Fred123456 In reply to How to get Win 2K server ...

I responded to your other post and from this post it seems your looking for a way to bypass security on your network. Which is a very bad thing, espeially with MS stuff.

If you conifugre SQL on a machine in your domain and setup an account for the web server to use you will solve all your problems.

just hope this is not someone looking to worm they way in to some else's server..

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RE: I have to ask why...

by esalo In reply to I have to ask why..

I'm simply tyring to solve an issue with MS Access where my users have to manually enter their u/n and p/w to access the db.

I may need to revisit how to host the SQL Server... but I want to be extra careful with the box hosting our web. I want to make sure that it is isolated so that our network cannot be exploited.

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Question Answered

by esalo In reply to How to get Win 2K server ...

My question was answered. Thanks for your help.

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what did you come up with

by CG IT In reply to Question Answered

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