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how to go about to research on repairing

By jchaapel ·
dear sirs,
i am wanting to learn a way to develope tools and new ideas on repairing hard drives that have bad sectors on them.
looking for advice on whaere to start out and become a bussiness into doing so .
its come to my understanding of how noone does this kind of repair from my research over the past 3 years
would it be interested into doing a research with me?

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Not Cost Effective

by TheChas In reply to how to go about to resear ...

There is a very good reason that no one does hard drive sector repair. The repair costs more than a new drive!

There are 2 ways to deal with bad sectors.
1. Mark them as bad, and do not use them again.

2. Open up the drive, replate, or replace the platter(s) and re-assemble the drive.

Software can handle option 1, and the clean room and plateing equipment make it costly to implement option 2.

Doing anything less than option 2 may get some additional life out of the drive, but puts you at risk.
Generally, once 1 sector goes bad, the rest of the platter begins to deteriorate. It is only a matter of time until the drive is un-reliable.


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