How to hack a wireless network

By raharr ·
Okay, maybe I should not ask this but I am going to anyway.

I install wireless networks and want to check to make sure that the security is good enough to slow do a hacker. I am not a hacker by any means, but I want to know how to do this to check security of the wireless networks I install. I know there are ways to do it and have downloaded alot of software that says it can be done, but I am not sure what steps to take. Can someone give me the step by step instructions so I can try it, at least on my home network.

Manys thanks.

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Sorry, but you won't find help here..........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to How to hack a wireless ne ...

You may find some tools to help check the security, but you won't find help learning how to hack it. You'll have to learn that from the underground side of things. And, no, we won't tell you where to find that either.

Being conserned with security yourself, I'm sure you understand why we can't post anything like that in a public forum. You might consider hiring a security professional to check it for you. THEY have the right tools!

<edited for afterthought>

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it is possible to find out how

by asredas In reply to Sorry, but you won't find ...

like it says you can find out how to do it i did, never done it though as it was just something i wanted to know how it was done not actually do it.

plus if you have'nt got 2 laptops you will never do it regardless of what software you have.

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Security with wireless

by raharr In reply to Sorry, but you won't find ...

Yah! I know it is a securty issue. But thought I would ask anyway.


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Different approach

It might be advantageous to explain how you secure your systems, that way a discussion about best practices could follow.

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I'll take the thought a bit further

by Tig2 In reply to Different approach

I appreciate that you understood from your first post that you might be traveling on uncertain landscape.

I am very interested in learning from you what kinds of methods you employ to secure a wireless system. I live in a clustered environment and can see many open and unsecured networks. I am trying to put together a flyer for my neighbors that speaks to how they can secure themselves with a minimum of knowledge.

I understand the theory behind trying to hack it once it has been hardened. But I also see some major potential issues when working down that path.

So tell us what you think would work. Or what you are afraid you're missing- broad terms if you must. Let's consider this from a different angle.

Michael gives good advice. Teaming up on a challenge is generally the road to answers- and everyone learns new things for the effort.

I look forward to your reply.

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Tigs, shoot me a peer mail on Monday

by w2ktechman In reply to I'll take the thought a b ...

I already have it written out and dont want to spend the time typing now.
I also have how to help protect from ID theft among other things that I revised for the dept. users a couple of months ago.

But mainly, I suggest people hide the SSID (not for security really) and setup WPA2 with a strong PW.
those are the 2 main keys.

WPA uses open authentication so only the data is encrypted, not the association with the AP. This means that the handshake does not (almost) give away the key like WEP in a shared key environment.

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Will do

by Tig2 In reply to Tigs, shoot me a peer mai ...

But will also share a little (Windows) pgm with you- 3x encryption using some pretty obscure dodges. What I do is define my pass phrase, encrypt it, plug in the result. Nice thing is that I can maintain the original on a piece of paper. Unless you can find the right stick with the encryption protocol, you aren't getting it. Brute force would have a pain in the tail- I use every kind of lettering on the keyboard, bit swapping, and a trick or two that I will not discuss. In short, I could tell you my pass phrase- but if you don't wash it through my protocol, you have nothing.

SSID=hidden in my world. Firewall=always on and passwords to turn on the Windows machines. My Mac does not run on root privs and I have some toys defending her- you don't drop $3000 on your baby and then let her get infected.

Use WPA2 as a default.

I definitely want to hear what you have in place and your white paper on ID theft sounds really good as well.

I think that we both think on the same paranoid lines. I guess I am in good company.

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I would like to help, honest

by w2ktechman In reply to How to hack a wireless ne ...

but I cannot know for certain your intentions. If you truly are a wireless installer, then you should already be well versed in wi-fi security and should have reference materials around to help you out.

Also, there are a lot of websites available to show how better to setup wifi security as well. But it will require some readin/learning.

Best bet, put in a firewall and block most things. Allow only what is needed for the tasks needed, and nothing more.
scrutinize the tasks needed if they pose any kind of security hazard/leak.

Thats about the best I can tell you. Hope it helps.

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Wireless Security

by raharr In reply to I would like to help, hon ...

You are correct. I have been installing wireless for several years. I take all the security measures possible. But, there is two parts to our agency. We have the agency technology department side, which doesn't know a whole lot about wireless and want to spend $30,000 plus for a consultant and the management software for the access points. And then we have the Education technology side which consists of me, myself and I. I have had several access points installed and even installed a wireless bridge that connects two buildings together that are about 1 mile apart. Everything has been working fine with no intruders.

The other day, I have the manager of the agency technology team tell me that they hacked into our wireless site. Now on my part, I could understand how they found it because I was working on the access point at this time and had not disabled the broadcast of the SSID. I have since changed it. When asked what they used to hack into it and what they access security code was, they would not tell me. So I was figuring that they just seen the access point because it was being broadcasted. Now I want to make sure. And I use to hack into the points in order to find out how long it took. Only thing is, I can not remember how it did it and what I used to do it with because I had no need to keep testing them.

Now I want to test them myself to make sure that I have taken all the steps possible to secure them.

I thought that someone here would be welling to help me out by either posting them or emailing me the type of software to use and how to use them correctly. But I understand the resk involved in sharing this information on a post. This could be usefull information for all net admins to have. I just did not want to spend days going back through all the manuals and information I have to test them.

Thanks for everyones input, but I am still working on it.


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Let me ask around

by Tig2 In reply to Wireless Security

Russ, I know a number of folks that may have some input on this.

I appreciate that you understand the risks involved with putting this kind of information out in the "wild". I would suggest this...

Build a straw man model of what you would like to "theoretically" like to accomplish and throw the model out for comment. My guess is that we will all have inputs at one level or another, none of them the whole of the answer but leading you to (hopefully) new things to think of in your current situation.

As Michael suggested earlier, given the subject matter this can be delicate.

However, I would suggest that to take your straw model to the Discussion board instead of the Question board, you might just find a degree of difference in the responses you receive.

I can see that you have been with us for 7 years. I would bet that is why you have such a good understanding of the challenge in your question. So let's turn it into a discussion of how to best go about, and what things others have encountered. It may help.

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