How to hack HP laptop BIOS to change hidden settings such as System Name...

By duyasm ·
Hi everyone,
Is there anyone who has experience in hacking HP LAPTOP BIOS?
My HP laptop no longer shows serial number after i upgraded the BIOS. How can I put it back again?
There is software to add service tag for DELL...
How about HP?
Please help me. TKS

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When you flashed the BIOS did you follow the instructions?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How to hack HP laptop BIO ...

If not unplug it and remove the battery and do whatever else is required to clear the BIOS as per the instructions on the HP Web Site then undo what you've done replace the Battery and Mains Adaptor Power Up and when you get the error screen enter BIOS and set the Date & Time at the very least. Save the changes exit BIOS and then reboot.

If you still do not get what you need enter BIOS again and change the settings to what you need rather than the Default Settings and then save the changes as you exit BIOS and let her go. You should then have what you want. If not and you did get the BIOS Update from HP you'll need to ring HP for a solution to the problem if one exists.


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by duyasm In reply to When you flashed the BIOS ...

Maybe I did flash the wrong version of my BIOS.
Now, the serial number and model number are empty. However, by default, we can not change these fields.
Is there any change to modify these fields because BIOS has some changeable and unchangeable fields by factory settings?

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Probably not

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to HP BIOS

When you flash any BIOS you are offered the option of saving the old one did you do this? If you did you can run the BIOS Flashing utility and replace the old BIOS Version. If you didn't do this I would suggest that you call HP for a fix.


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HP Utilities

by budman1ao In reply to Probably not

You will need to find someone with access to HP utilities such as a certified service provider. The utility for setting model and serial number used to be called snzero and was used to set these after the motherboard was replaced.

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Did you find a utility for this?

by bs13690 In reply to HP Utilities

Were you able to find a utility for this? I am looking for it as well.

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by fluffly In reply to How to hack HP laptop BIO ...

lol first thing is you go to ypur panel find it or digran it

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hack a hp bios

by technocrat25 In reply to How to hack HP laptop BIO ...

there is no way to hack the hp bios setting you have to do this by recover the hp password

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Zombie Alert!!!

by Mehul Bhai In reply to hack a hp bios

Zombie Alert!!! The Post is about 2 Years old.

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