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How to handle offsite backup

By Sitizn Wille ·
I would like some insight on how other people handle backup and disaster recovery problems. I am tring to get a backup server running offsite. We currently back up to tape every night using veritas. I set up another server at a branch office that is connected via t-1. We set a backup job to run over the weekend using the built in program ntbackup. It is not even comming close to finishing over the entire weekend. We have tried only backing up the most critial data and still no luck. I am looking into using veritas to do this, but I can't seem to backup to a remote location (this is what we use to do our tape backup).
How do other people out there handle the offsite backup problem? Is there a program out there that has really good compression rate or am I even headed in the right direction.

2 servers
one that does nightly backup with veritas that backs up to tape.
second server that sits offsite and is used to replicate active directory and this is the one I would like to send a backup job to.


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by Cactus Pete In reply to How to handle offsite bac ...

My firm, maybe bigger than yours but still should be appropriate, just switched from veritas to evault. The compression is incredible, and you only perform the first full backup, from then on everything is deltas... So subsequent backups are that much faster.

We are now backing up our backups to a remote office, all disk to disk, in a fraction of the time it used to take, and there are no more tapes to worry about [though we still keep them around for good measure and future possible needs.]

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Backing up across a T-1 is going to be slow.

by TonytheTiger In reply to How to handle offsite bac ...

No matter what product you use. To back up an additional server with Veritas, you would need to buy a remote agent license.

Are you trying to do a full backup of the remote server? Maybe you could do incrementals. How much of that data changes from day to day?

Another option is to buy a tape drive for the other server.

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Incremental --frequent-- backups would be better

by dubdays In reply to Backing up across a T-1 i ...

If you're trying to pump tons of gigs over a T1, it will choke. You may have some success with a T3, but I doubt you'd want to pay for all of that just to do nightly backups (don't get me wrong, backups are VERY important, but you probably can't justify a higher speed line based on that alone, especially when other options are available). Tapes are great (well, as "great" as possible) for ON-SITE backups, but they wouldn't work for the remote backups (unless you got a drive on the other end, which would kind of defeat the purpose).

Depending on the server artecture you use, rsync on unix/linux boxes is great for this. It automatically only updates files that have been changed, and it's mainly used to mirror FTP servers on the Internet anyway. I even believe they have a windows version available, but it takes significant tweaking to get it to do what you want it to do. But, hey, it's open source, and it's free. Sounds like a good deal to me...

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USB drive?

by Roger99a In reply to How to handle offsite bac ...

Could you use a USB drive to do it?

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by Sitizn Wille In reply to How to handle offsite bac ...

Never heard of evault? Might be worth checking into.
I finally was able to get ahold of a real person at Veritas. They recomended a program called replication exec, It is supose to replicate the data we select to the server that site offsite. They offer a 30 trail so I think that is what we are going to try.
The main thing is that we have to backup our data offsite to passify the auditors. Sounds easy but has turned out to be a mess. Since our veritas sits on the main server, we use it to do a tape backup every night. It can't be set to backup to the server that site offstite (Veritas claims because it site on a diff subnet it can't be done with veritas backup exec.

Is anyone familiar with the replication exec program from veritas? After the first replication is done, then it syncs and just updates what has changed according to the sales rep at Veritas?

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Does that fit your need?

by Cactus Pete In reply to backup

Replication exec is for business continuity, not restoring old data... If you're looking at something like replication, consider Double-Take.

Hope to hear what you decide and how it goes.

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Double take?

by Sitizn Wille In reply to Does that fit your need?

What is double take?

At first we had the one server that did active dir, file server, dns, and exchange, everything. Now we have to have a disaster recover plan so now the deal with the backup server is here. I have set it up to replicate active dir so far. We now are tring to find a way to get the most important data to this new offsite server. I guess I am not sure if it needs to be backed up or replicated isn't it kind of the same thing?
I am not exactly sure what direction i need to be going, but i guess business continunity is the thing I am looking for, if our building burns down this server could take over and everything could keep running. We are only looking to (replicate/backup) our most important data, don't really have to backup exchange because the offsite server will not hold it all.
The main server is 2k3
the offisite server is 2000 server.
connected via t-1
if that helps anything?

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by Cactus Pete In reply to Double take?

We evaluated the big names in this technology last year and settled on this one.

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Offsite backup here

by brian In reply to How to handle offsite bac ...

Having reviewed the market for my company we went down the road with a really cool solution from Overland Storage. Here is what I'd suggest: Email me if you want to know more. Good luck!

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CA brightstor

by omart In reply to Offsite backup solution.. ...

how do you feel about CA brightstor r11.1 backup software

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