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How to handle Temporay Network Accounts

By blackbox ·
Hi, I hope I am in the correct spot to post this question. I work for a company that has temporary workers coming and going at an astonishing rate. We set up network accounts like temp1, temp2, temp3 ... all the way up to temp50. We would give the account an expiration of 2 weeks on these accounts, because these accounts would not be used and the manager of the department using these accounts when never tell us to disable the accounts. We felt this was a big security risk. Then it got to be a big hassle to reset the accounts because there are so many of them. So my question is ... how do other companies handle temporary employees.

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by ITsHuman In reply to How to handle Temporay Ne ...

I would advice you to look at the business process and fix it before investing in technology. Maybe security delegation and getting executive management support for making your departament managers responsible and accountable for starting and eliminating access to the accounts of their temp employees will solve the problem. Once you have that in place you can look into tools that can help you better manage your users and report their activities.

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by Chorito In reply to How to handle Temporay Ne ...

ITsHuman is correct the whole process there seems to need some fixing. But, the good news is that i have an answer for you ... :) .. try scripting ... you can use scripting to reset local or domain user account passwords. Here, try this....

Set objUser = GetObject("LDAP://cn=KenMyer,ou=Finance,dc=fabrikam,dc=com")

...remember you have to have admin rights...
you can go further and have the script prompt you for a username and a new password.

You can even take it a few steps can start grouping each account by their expiration date. (putting lets say all the account that expire on the 8/10/2004 in an OU).. Then you can have the script search the OU and reset the passwords for all the found accounts...and then show you the new passwords for the account for documentation.....the only thing you will have to do to the script is change the OU it searches and the new passwords for the accounts...

Hope this leads you in the right direction...if you need help writing the script let me know...

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