How to hide my e-mail address from windows welcome screen?

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I am using a xp home edition windows and I have more than one user account at the same laptop. So when I log out or switch my user my e-mail address and number of uread mails appear at the welcome screen. How can I hide it from other? I mean is there any way to make it unseen for other when they click on my user acoount name? I don't want others who are using the laptop somtimes to know these info. Please, provide me with a sloution. I did some searches and couldn't find any answer.
Thank you in advance.

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Are you using Outlook Express v. 6?

by nepenthe0 In reply to How to hide my e-mail add ...

OE v.6 allows one to snoop on others by switching the identity of the OE account.

According to your post, others are able to login under your User Name. If you allow others to do this, you are inviting anyone to look through your files, including your e-mail.

If you want privacy, the first thing you must do is password protect your User account and not disclose the password.

Next, remove your identity from Outlook Express. Retrieve your e-mail directly from the Internet Service Provider that hosts your e-mail service. Be sure your ISP account password isn't shared. If necessary, change the password.

Rick/Portland, OR

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Two ways

by Jacky Howe In reply to How to hide my e-mail add ...

The registry Key should read.

Now navigate to the following registry key:


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